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Redefining blogging with Olsen

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Redefining blogging with Olsen WordPress template

A few days ago we released our newest blogging theme for WordPress. Olsen is a stunning theme built with fashion and lifestyle bloggers in mind. Let’s take a quick look at it!

Olsen is also our first theme built around WordPress’s customizer, our old CSSIgniter panel is gone and you can now handle all layout related options via the customizer. This will make your life easier if you are migrating to self hosted WordPress from a, or have used any of  the themes from the repository.

The Customize Panel

Under Appearance > Customize you will find the customizer, here is what it looks like:


through this panel you can access more than 80 customization options, like background, text, heading colors, enable and control the homepage’s slider, change your logo, manage the layout of the front page etc, all these are of course applied live as you toggle between options so you can instantly see if a change suits your site and apply it.

Multiple layouts

We have created 11 distinct layouts for your home and blog related pages, selectable via the customizer. Classic and loved blog layouts are there, among more modern columned & masonry ones.


Post Formats

Select between five post formats to give your posts a unique layout based on their content. Whether you want to display images, videos, audio or plain ol’ text, there is one for you.


Custom Widgets

Along with the built in WordPress widgets, we have provided four extra ones to help you display your latest posts, social icons, personal info and newsletter subscription box in a manner more suited for Olsen.

Bottom line

In the evershifting world of fashion and lifestyle you can’t have a site that does not look the part, Olsen will help you promote your content in a fashionable yet functional way, make your self heard with our latest blogging theme.

4 responses to “Redefining blogging with Olsen”

  1. Suleyka says:

    Hi there! This theme looks really great! I am looking for a nice blogging theme that also allows me to create a big hero header with a vertical mailchimp optin as well as other custom page. Do you themes come with a visual composer of some sort?

    • Nik Vourvachis says:

      Glad to hear you like Olsen.
      Our themes are built to be compatible with the Divi builder, but you can try any popular builder plugin out there, if any styling issues should arise we will be happy to help you around them.

  2. Jim says:

    I bought the Olsen theme.
    How do I add icons to the social media display at the bottom of posts?
    Many thanks,


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