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MaxSlider – The FREE WordPress Slider without the confusing parts

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MaxSlider – The FREE WordPress Slider without the confusing parts WordPress template

About a month ago we released a free slider plugin for WordPress. We created MaxSlider because we needed a simple yet flexible slider plugin that could be used with Visual Composer. We decided to release the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory and today it gets its first major update which brings new awesome functionality. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Batch image uploads


Need a slider with many images? No need to add them one by one. Just click the Batch Upload button, upload all the images you want and insert them. That’s it, now a slide will be automatically created for each image and all you need to do is fill in the rest of the information like titles, subtitles, buttons etc.

Customizable content background colors


Some images are darker than others and this might create contrast issues between the picture and the slider’s text. Now you can apply a background color to the each slide’s content area in order to make sure everything is perfectly legible.

Drag & Drop slide reordering


Need to change the order of the slides? That’s very easy now. Just click & drag on the slide’s title bar and drop it wherever you like. Update the slider and you’ll have your new order.

Customizable navigation


The slider’s navigation is now more flexible. You can select between dots & arrows for the indicators and modify their position and color scheme. You can also hide them if you wish to.

Configurable image sizes


Apart from the default slider image size you can now select any of the existing image sizes on your installation to use on the slider. The plugin will automatically detect them and allow you to choose between them.

Slide cloning

Sometimes you might need to create slides with the same text and layout but with different images. The procedure can be sped up by using MaxSlider’s slide cloning feature. Create your first slide and configure it according to your needs. Then just click the Add Slide button to clone it. Voila! You now have an identical slide, you can change the image and move on. Do that as many times as you wish!

Final words

These are the new features added to MaxSlider, we hope you’ll find them useful. If you haven’t used MaxSlider yet, please give it a go and let us know what you think.

4 responses to “MaxSlider – The FREE WordPress Slider without the confusing parts”

  1. Sean Hart says:

    We tried to use MaxSlider with the Olsen Light Free Template, but for some reason the slider does not show the navigation arrows and does not auto-slide. Would it be possible to get troubleshooting assistance with the plugin? Despite following the steps mentioned here, the slider does not seem to work.

    • Nik Vourvachis says:

      Hello Sean.

      Absolutely, please post your questions regarding MaxSlider in the plugin’s support forum here along with a link to the problematic page if available and we’ll help along.

      Thank you.

  2. blizard says:

    Hello Nik,

    A nice option for Maxslider will be to have a layer with 50% opacity behind text, so slide text is always readable, regardless image colors.

    Thank you

    • Nik Vourvachis says:

      Hello there!

      There is an option that allows you to add a background of variable opacity behind the content ( text & button ) to help with contrast related issues. Please check the Customizable content background colors section in the article above, that should do the trick.

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