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Major improvements & theme updates

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Major improvements & theme updates WordPress template

We’ve been really busy over the last couple of months. Besides releasing some really great themes that our members already love, we pushed some major improvements to most of our themes and our awesome little theme options panel. Let’s see some of the most important ones.

Responsive options panel


Our options panel was accessible from any mobile device but we decided it was time to match the overall WordPress dashboard experience. As you probably noticed we now use the standard WordPress colors and icons.


In an ever-changing ecosystem like WordPress there are times where minor (sometimes major as well) security issues appear and we do our best to keep our themes as safe as possible. In this update we went through the files of every single theme in our catalog just to make sure that we follow best practices.

Theme testing & QA

With so many devices, browsers & screen resolutions out there, testing a WordPress theme isn’t funny business. We use the official theme development guide to make sure that our themes will play nice in as many environments as possible. Some of our older but popular fixed-width templates will be converted to responsive using the Bootstrap framework (well, a highly customized version of it anyway, since we just use the grid out of it).


Our developer members may have already noticed that our latest themes ship with Sass files. It has improved our front-end development process significantly. If you are not familiar with it, you can safely ignore these files and edit the usual CSS files but, trust me on this, you should really give it a try.

One response to “Major improvements & theme updates”

  1. hakonzen says:

    Great wok guys, love the layout on the new options panel!

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