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Introducing Sessions

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Introducing Sessions WordPress template

A week ago we released our latest and greatest WordPress theme, Sessions, specifically tailored to music professionals and all people in the entertainment industry out there. Whether you are a musician, a DJ, a producer, a band, a radio station, an event organizer or even own nightclub, Sessions has something to offer you. Let me give you a quick tour of what you can expect from Sessions.

Post Types

We bundled this theme with 6 distinct post types, so that you can organize and present your content in the optimal way. Apart from the standard posts and pages, you can also have Artists, Discographies and scheduled Events. For your viewers’ visual needs you get Galleries and Videos. Finally a dedicated Slideshow post type allows you to feature anything you want on your homepage, linking anywhere you want, without being limited on specific places within your website.

Audio Players Everywhere

Each and every track you add in a Discography Item, can also be made playable, right there where it is displayed. In the album’s page? Check. In a widget? Check. And the best part? Chose one discography item and it’ll play right in the home page, in a big, fat, beautiful player. And if you’re running a radio station, you’re covered too. That big, fat, beautiful player in the home page can play ShoutCast and IceCast streams.

Layouts, more Layouts

Each listing section of your website has its own configuration. Choose between one to four columns or whether you want Isotope filtering and a Masonry effect. Of course you can have them combined as well!

Galleries are a bit more advantaged from other post types though, as you can optionally enable Staple or Jetpack style galleries.

Widgetized Homepage

A really flexible theme couldn’t come without a fully widgetized home page. 7 purposely-built widgets work and look great in the home page or any other sidebar, while allowing you to show any of your content, in a natural and consistent way, building truly unique homepages!

Monetize immediately

You guessed it. WooCommerce support! Wanna sell tickets? CD’s? MP3 downloads? Cat videos? The built-in WooCommerce integration allows you to be up and running in no time. You can be assured the whole shopping experience is uninterrupted as we maintain the look and feel of your website all the way to the checkout process.

We don’t hope that you will like Sessions. We’re certain you will. Being the 81st theme that we’ve built, means that it contains the collective effort and experience we’ve gathered the past years, right back into this theme, making it our best WordPress theme to date.

Grab it while it’s still hot!

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  1. Hi there, just to tell you that the “demo” link in the downloads area brings back to the download area.

    Nice theme by the way!

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