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How to display your business contact info on any sidebar using Jetpack

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How to display your business contact info on any sidebar using Jetpack WordPress template

If you are running a shop, an office or any other business with physical presence, you know it’s important that your clients can find you easily. A good way to achieve this is to prominently display your contact info on your site. Guess what! There’s a plugin for that!

Jetpack’s Contact Info Widget

Well, technically not a plugin, but a module of one. We’re talking about Jetpack’s Contact Info Widget. Start by installing, activating and connecting your Jetpack, more on that here.

Once done navigate to Jetpack > Settings and under the Appearance tab, toggle the Extra Sidebar Widgets.


Now either under Appearance > Widgets or Customize > Widgets you will find the extra widgets added by Jetpack. As mentioned, we’ll talk about the Contact Info one.

Add the widget to your preferred sidebar clear the default info and fill in yours.

NOTICE: Do not check the Show Map box yet.


Once all the info have been filled in click the Save button to save the widget. Now you can check the Show Map box if you want to display a map along with the rest of your information.

Once the box is ticked you will be prompted to provide your Google Maps API key. For information on how to get it and how to enable the Google Maps Embed API please read our small guide here. Paste the API key in the box and click the Save button again.


You are done, you can now check out your new contact info widget!


Final words

Today we have presented you with a quick and easy way to help you increase your business’ visibility. We hope you found it useful! Are you using any alternatives? Have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to read about? Please let us know in the comments below!

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