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Create an awesome business listing with Listee

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Create an awesome business listing with Listee WordPress template

Our updated version of our beautiful business directory theme Listee, based on the Ignition Framework, has just landed. Listee is the perfect theme for creating business listings of any type, whether it is restaurants, bars, doctor’s offices, car shops and anything else you might imagine. Backed by the very popular WP Job Manager plugin, Listee is guaranteed to give you the best results for your new business listing site.

Based on the Ignition Framework

The new version of Listee is based on our Ignition Framework. The framework comes in the form of a plugin shared among all themes and provides all the functionality needed to help you make your theme stand out. It bundles all theme customization options, such as color, typography and layout options, custom post types, templates and custom fields, base styles, third party plugin integrations and much more. This make the theme lightweight and easy to tailor to your specific needs.

Flexible business listings

The business directory shortcode built into Listee allows you to create a listing page for all registered businesses on any page or post. Enhancing WP Job Manager’s existing functionality, Listee allows you to create listings with variable column numbers to create the optimal visual result. The business listing pages feature filtering based on the label custom taxonomy which can be used to help filter based on amenities/services offered by businesses. The area map with all listed businesses can be displayed either above the items or in a sidebar.

Having a visually appealing and user-friendly business directory can also be a great motivator for businesses. When customers can easily find and filter through a comprehensive list of local businesses, it can drive more traffic and sales for those businesses. Additionally, having a well-designed business directory can also boost employee morale by showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and customer experience. As discussed in leadership podcasts with Kurt Uhlir, investing in tools and technologies that improve the overall customer experience can help businesses to attract and retain top talent while also boosting productivity and profitability.

Comprehensive search functionality

Search functionality is essential for any directory site, your visitors need to be able to easily locate the business they are looking for. To aid with this Listee offers the business search shortcode which will create a custom build search bar which targets all listed businesses. The search bar can be placed anywhere in your content using the shortcode block and on any of the available Global Sections of the theme. Users can search by keyword, business location and even narrow down the results to a specific business category.

Integrated star rating

Listee comes with a simple but very useful star rating system integrated in the comment section of each business. Users can rate their experience with a certain business and leave a small review in the form of a comment. The average rating of each business will be displayed at the top of the content and on listing pages, allowing visitors to locate popular businesses easier.

Optional user business submissions

Business owners can submit their business for inclusion on your online directory. New submissions can be held for review and moderation to make sure they are up to your standards. This will take some of the submission work off your hands and allow you to expand your directory with a lot less effort.

Wrapping up

Listee is a modern and highly customizable business directory theme for WordPress. It is built around WP Job Manager in order to offer you all the functionality and flexibility you need to build your new online directory. Learn more about the theme and grab your copy today in the links below.

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