Theme preview: NYC

Those following us already know that we are doing our best to eliminate the gap, in terms of releasing themes, we created a few months ago. Things seem to be running super smooth right now though and during February we managed to add 6 brand new themes.

No, we are not fans of quantity over quality and trust us, under normal circumstances it would take a lot longer to release them but hey, now there are 4 people pushing pixels, writing code and squashing bugs which means that we can work concurrently in more than one themes.

Moving on. Our brand new theme is coming, NYC. A truly tumblr like theme for WordPress.

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Theme preview: Philoxenia

Our next theme to be released at some point next week is Philoxenia. A WordPress theme for hotels. Features? Big photography, a beautiful template for the rooms, a carefully selected set of color schemes, amenities management and a homepage that is going to convert your visitors to clients for sure. Here’s a preview.

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Theme preview: Informati

As promised we are heading towards achieving our goal, releasing 8 brand new themes by mid-March. Here’s a sneak peek of Informati our brand new news / magazine theme for WordPress.

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Theme preview: Dionysus

We are working hard to release our 13th theme which is called Dionysus and it’s all about music. Have your own band? Solo? Need a website to let you fans know about your tour dates?

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cssigniter roadmap

Hey everyone,

It took us a while to get things straight but now it seems that we have a solid plan in our hands. So here’s what to expect from cssigniter during the following couple of months.

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Coming soon: Ithaca – A gaming news and reviews theme

As we said before, our target is to release 2 themes every month. We already have enough (rough) designs to discuss so i guess this is not the tough part. Today Sophocles got in out catalog and one more theme will be released by the end of October. That theme is Ithaca. A gaming news and reviews theme for WordPress. While Ithaca is still in the design phase, i thought i should let you know about it and also provide a homepage preview.

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Sophocles – A product / business showcase theme

Sophocles is the 5th theme that will make it in our catalog. The theme is already in the testing phase and we plan to release it early next week. As with our previous themes, Sophocles will be available in xhtml and html5 versions both for WordPress and plain html including a newsletter template (html and Campaign Monitor versions). Some of the features of Sophocles include a custom homepage, full width and archive templates, our custom options panel, 3 awesome color schemes and a new tab that gives you the ability to control the background colors and images of your template.

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