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Aegean Resort v3.0 is here and it’s better than ever

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Aegean Resort v3.0 is here and it’s better than ever WordPress template

Our extremely popular hotel theme for WordPress, Aegean Resort was starting to show its age and needed a much deserved overhaul. That’s exactly what we’ve done and, as evidenced by the changelog, it was pretty big! The new version includes many fixes, improvements and even new features, read below to find out more!

Wider content

Aegean’s content width has been increased to make it appear better in larger resolution monitors. This means room for more content and larger visuals, such as the homepage slider, room gallery sliders and featured images.

Modernized styles

We have updated the theme’s styles to give it a more modern appearance without changing its aesthetic very much. At a glance you will still have the appearance you know and love for your site, but upon a closer inspection you will notice many upgrades to the theme’s appearance, things have been improved everywhere, from the theme’s header, to page templates, supported plugins, booking forms and more.

Complete color control through the customizer

Aegean Resort is one of our very first themes. When we first released Aegean Resort customizer wasn’t available in WordPress! Now we take advantage of this useful WordPress feature and with over 30 color options you have complete control over the color scheme of your website.

Cleaner and lighter

We have removed everything old and obsolete, such as stuff related to IE 6/8, from the theme. We have also replaced images with text or font-awesome icons to reduce size and increase page load times further.

A custom theme element for Elementor

You know how much we love Elementor, that’s why we have added a custom element in Aegean’s. Use it to pull rooms, videos and galleries into hand crafted landing pages. The element uses the theme’s layout when delivering content, this way nothing will look amateurish or out of place.

And more

Among others we have added a page builder template with a sidebar, improved on the existing page templates, and provided better grouping on the available custom fields to make them easier to work with. Aegean 3.0 is available now, you can grab from our downloads section, or update it through the dashboard if you are already using it. Learn more and see it live below.

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