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Video Series: WordPress fundamentals

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Video Series: WordPress fundamentals WordPress template

3.5 hours of video are now available in our support forum exclusively available to our members.

This course is aimed at those who are just starting out with WordPress and probably are not familiar with the Dashboard. While we provide written documentation for all of our themes, there are members who ask questions like “Yes, i did read the documentation and it clearly states that i have to assign XYZ template to a page, but how do i create this page and how do i assign a template to it?”

Well, now they’ll be able to setup WordPress and learn about the Dashboard in 3.5 hours!

Sample video: The famous 5 minute install

[jwplayer file=”″ width=”580″ height=”376″]

Here’s the outline of the course:

WordPress Overview

  • What is WordPress
  • vs.
  • Software Needed for Installation
  • Move WordPress Software to Server
  • Configure the MySQL Database
  • 5-minute Install
  • Configure WordPress Manually

WordPress Administration

  • Touring the Dashboard
  • WordPress Toolbar
  • Editing User Profiles
  • Using Gravatar
  • Managing Users
  • Site Settings

Creating Posts

  • Creating a New Post
  • ext Formatting Options
  • Creating and Editing Hyperlinks
  • Insert Images
  • Working with an Image Gallery
  • Editing Images
  • Working with Media from External Sources
  • Categories and Tags
  • Managing Posts, Categories, and Tags
  • Publishing a Post

Creating Pages

  • Creating a Page
  • Organizing Pages
  • Page Templates
  • Using a Static Page as a Home Page

Customize Default Theme and Managing Media

  • Customizing the Background
  • Customizing the Header
  • Showcase Template
  • Theme Options
  • Custom Menus
  • Managing Media
  • Understanding Widgets
  • Theme Customize Window

Extending WordPress with Plugins and Themes

  • Understanding Plugins
  • Installing Plugins
  • Using Plugins
  • Useful Plugins
  • Installing and Activating Themes
  • Installing Premium Themes

WordPress Settings

  • Press This
  • Managing Comments
  • Updating WordPress
  • What’s in the Update?
  • Conclusion

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