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Three new blocks added to GutenBee

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Three new blocks added to GutenBee WordPress template

Our popular free custom blocks plugin GutenBee has just been updated in version 2.7.0 which brings you three new custom blocks to create with. These are, the icon list block, the testimonial block and the video embed block, read more about them below.

Icon List

Use the icon list block to create captivating lists. The boring bullets are replaced with icons drawing more attention to the list. Pick your favorite icon from GutenBee’s icon font’s large selection and either apply it to all list items or have a different icon on each item. You can make the entire list item link to a URL of your choosing or just add inline links to the list item’s content. Customization options include picking between a standard or inline list layout, modifying the list’s alignment, adding item separators, modifying the size and color of the icon and content, adding a background, borders and more.


Looking for a flexible and easy to use block to help you display testimonials on your site? You’ve found it. GutenBee’s testimonial block can be set up in no time, just add a picture and fill in the 3 text input areas with the related info, that’s it. If you wish to change the appearance of the testimonial you can apply a circular mask to the avatar, change its location to be above, to the right, below or to the left of the text, control the font size for each text section individually, add a background image and more. The block can be easily used to create grid presentations for your team’s members by combining it with the core columns or GutenBee’s container block.

Video Embed

With the video embed block you can embed your favorite videos from YouTube or Vimeo. What makes it stand out from the core embed blocks is that you can customize the embeds by toggling the controls, enabling autoplay, toggling mute, loop and selecting a custom start time, but we’re not done yet. GutenBee’s video embed block allows you to select a cover image for your video and lazy load it to improve page loading times by avoiding to load YouTube’s or Vimeo’s player until the user actually chooses to watch them. You can now have more than one videos embedded on a single page without having to worry too much about them loading slowly.

GutenBee 2.7.0 is out today and it’s free, learn more, check out the demo and download it in the links below.


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