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Resto & Moment – An introduction to our most recent WordPress themes

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Resto & Moment – An introduction to our most recent WordPress themes WordPress template

Resto and Moment are our most recent themes, released for the month October. Let’s take a quick glance at their powerful features and what makes them so special.


Resto is a WordPress theme for Bars and Restaurants. It features a very artistic and contemporary design with vibrant gradients (in many color variations) and a clean typography. It not only supports a Menu post type, but also Events and Testimonials (plus, of course, normal posts, pages and slideshow items).


Resto’s main feature is the power of its menu management. You can add any dishes you wish, separate them by taxonomies (at any depth you want) and add as many prices for each menu item as you wish. For example, you can list all types of pizzas of your store and show different prices for each size that your pizzas are available in. You can take a look at the default menu page template at resto’s demo here.

If that’s not enough for you, we have also created a special’s menu template, for all your extraordinary dishes or menu items that you wish to feature at various times. This template also shows a featured image of the menu item and links to the menu item’s single page for more information. You can see how that looks here.


You can also add and promote any events that your venue/restaurant/bar might have. Resto supports either recurrent or one time events, with date management, and automatically hides them after they’ve expired (or moves them to the “Past Events” section. Take a look at the events template on Resto’s demo here.


Drag & Drop Homepage

As with most of our recent themes, Resto also features a drag & drop flexible homepage. You can build a truly unique homepage easily with the power of our specially crafted widgets which allow you to display any content you wish, select colors, backgrounds, parallax variations and much more.



Moment is a WordPress theme specially crafted for serious bloggers or people who are looking for a very unique personal website. It features an awesome masonry style homepage which is smart enough to rearrange itself on all breakpoints. It also features four different post layouts for you to choose from for each of our posts:

  1. Content on the right – Your content is on the right and the post’s featured image and quotes are on the left.
  2. Content on the left – Your content is on the left and the post’s featured image and quotes are on the right.
  3. Centered with fixed width image – A centered content layout with a fixed width featured image on top.
  4. Centered width full width image – A centered content layout with a full width featured image on top.


We’re very excited about our new releases and we hope you like them as much as we do! Keep an eye for our new releases for November which will feature a Travel Portal theme and a new Hotel theme! Until then you can either purchase our themes separately or get them all plus everything we release for the following year for just $49!

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