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Setting up the weather on our themes

Some of our themes feature a weather widget on the header, this is provided by Yahoo’s weather API. Yahoo has recently made some changes to the authentication of said API which made setting up the weather on the themes a bit more complex, lets see how it’s done.

Setup the Weather

You can find this section under Customize > Weather or CustomizeWeather Defaults depending on the theme you are using.

  1. Add your API key (See below how to generate one).
  2. Add your location ID. Your area’s location ID number which can be found by visiting and searching for your city. Once you are on your city’s page, the location ID is the last numeric part of the URL. For example, the URL for London, UK is the location ID is 2643743.
  3. Change the unit display

Generate an API Key

Next we click the URL. This will open a new window where you need to create a new account account or login if you already have one.

Once logged in navigate to the API tab and generate a new API key for your project. You can create as many keys as you wish

  1. Select the API keys tab
  2. Add your key name
  3. Generate your key (will appear on the left)



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