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Ignition Framework hooks

We have built in dozens of hooks into the Ignition Framework to make it flexible and developer friendly. Below you will find an overview of the available hooks along with their parameters and a short description of the location they fire in.

Hook NameHook ParametersHook Description
ignition_global_beforenoneFires after the body tag opening.
ignition_headernoneFires where the header section will render.
ignition_before_headerstring $menu_type, array $menu_infoFires before the header section.
ignition_before_header_top_barbool $is_visibleFires before the header’s top bar.
ignition_after_header_top_barbool $is_visibleFires after the header’s top bar.
ignition_head_mast_beforenoneFires before the main header content.
ignition_before_site_brandingnoneFires before the header’s logo area.
ignition_after_site_brandingnoneFires after the header’s logo area.
ignition_head_mast_afternoneFires after the main header content.
ignition_after_headerstring $menu_type, array $menu_infoFires after the header section.
ignition_before_mainnoneFires before the main content area.
ignition_before_the_page_title_with_background_sectionbool $is_visibleFires before the page title, when it has a background.
ignition_after_the_page_title_with_background_sectionbool $is_visibleFires after the page title, when it has a background.
ignition_main_beforenoneFires at the beginning of the main content area.
ignition_before_the_normal_page_title_sectionbool $is_visibleFires before the page title.
ignition_after_the_normal_page_title_sectionbool $is_visibleFires after the page title.
ignition_before_entrystring $context, int $post_idFires before the main content entry section.
ignition_before_single_entrynoneFires before the main content entry on single posts.
ignition_the_post_headernoneFires where the post header section will be rendered.
ignition_the_post_entry_metanoneFires where the post meta will be rendered.
ignition_before_the_post_entry_metastring $htmlFires before the post’s entry meta section.
ignition_after_the_post_entry_metastring $htmlFires after the post’s entry meta section.
ignition_before_the_post_headerstring $htmlFires before the post’s header.
ignition_after_the_post_headerstring $htmlFires after the post’s header.
ignition_after_entrystring $context, int $post_idFires beforer the main content entry closes.
ignition_before_the_post_thumbnailnoneFires before the post’s thumbnail.
ignition_after_the_post_thumbnailnoneFires after the post’s thumbnail.
ignition_after_single_entrynoneFires before the single post’s main content section closes.
ignition_before_the_post_entry_thumbnailnoneFires before the listing item’s thumbnail.
ignition_after_the_post_entry_thumbnailnoneFires after the listing item’s thumbnail.
ignition_sidebar_beforenoneFires before the sidebar’s content.
ignition_sidebar_afternoneFires after the sidebar’s content.
ignition_main_afternoneFires before the main content section closes.
ignition_after_mainnoneFires after the main content section.
ignition_footernoneFires where the footer section will be rendered.
ignition_before_footerbool $is_visibleFires before the footer section.
ignition_footer_beforenoneFires after the footer section opens.
ignition_before_footer_infobool $is_visibleFires before the footer info section.
ignition_after_footer_infobool $is_visibleFires after the footer info section.
ignition_footer_afternoneFires before the footer section closes.
ignition_after_footerbool $is_visibleFires after the footer section.
ignition_global_afternoneFires before the body tag closes.

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