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Custom post types in the Ignition Framework

The Ignition Framework includes seven custom post types, these are the following:

  1. Accommodation: Used to display accommodation related information, such as rooms in hospitality themes like Aegean Resort.
  2. Discography: Used to display albums, singles etc on music related themes, such as Beat.
  3. Event: Used to display events, such as upcoming concerts or conferences on any theme that supports events, for example Convert.
  4. Global Sections: Global Sections are used to easily display the same content on multiple locations, available on all themes.
  5. Portfolio: Portfolio items are ideal to showcase one’s work on any portfolio related theme, for example Technico.
  6. Service: The service post type is ideal to create presentations for services offered by your business on business related themes, such as BlockChain.
  7. Team: With team items you can create listings for the talent working for your company. Can be found on business related themes like Convert.

Not all custom post types are enabled on all themes. Each theme only uses post types it needs based on the niche it was designed to serve. For example you will not find accommodation post types in business themes, nor will you find portfolio post types in hotel themes.

Custom post type listings

Listing pages for posts belonging to a custom post type can be created using the Post Types block from the GutenBee custom blocks free plugin, or the Post Types element from the Ignition Widgets for Elementor plugin (for Elementor users). Both of them can display posts from any custom post type, pull from individual categories/taxonomies, support category filtering (example), pagination and the multiple listing item layouts provided by the themes (for example the different layouts of the post categories presented in the front page of Public Opinion).

Enable a disabled custom post type in your theme

Let’s say you have created the perfect website with Aegean Resort for your hotel, but would like to create a page for your staff so visitors can get an idea of the service they’ll be getting from qualified professionals. The process is very simple. Edit the functions.php file of your child theme and add this line

add_theme_support( 'ignition-team' );

inside the


function. Next in your dashboard navigate to Settings > Permalinks to refresh your sites permalinks. That’s it, you now have access to the team post type on your Aegean Resort based site.

The slugs of the rest of the available post types are:

  • Accommodation: ignition-accommodati
  • Discography: ignition-discography
  • Event: ignition-event
  • Portfolio: ignition-portfolio
  • Service: ignition-service

Of course you can still use a plugin or manually register custom post types not available in the framework.

Disable an enabled custom post type in your theme

Similarly to enabling a custom post type, you can disable one of the existing ones. To do that just add

remove_theme_support( 'ignition-accommodati' );

in the same place in your child theme to remove the accommodation post type from the Aegean Resort theme.

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