GutenBee 2.8.0 is here with a new block and more features

GutenBee 2.8.0 is now live! Our popular free custom blocks plugin has been updated with a brand new block, the banner block and new functionality on existing blocks. Let’s take a closer look.

The Banner block

The new banner block allows you to easily create banners of any kind. It is ideal for your front page, hero sections and more! Banner blocks can host any block of your choosing whether it is a GutenBee provided custom block, a core block or a block provided by a third party plugin, giving you limitless options on the final appearance of your banner. The height of the banner block is user adjustable as is the alignment of its content. The banner can be made to link to any URL you like. Appearance is also customizable with options for text & background color, border, box shadow, margin and padding options available. Additionally you can create banners with video backgrounds to make them even more eye-catching. The video backgrounds support videos from YouTube, Vimeo and even self-hosted ones.

New features

The Container block now supports video backgrounds just like the Banner block above. Use your favorite YouTube or Vimeo videos, or host your own and display them on your content grids created with the Container block.

All our blocks now have an extra panel in the block sidebar titled Visibility Settings.

This panel allows you to toggle the visibility of each block. It is split in two sections, the Viewport visibility one which offers to hide blocks either on the desktop, tables or mobiles and the Authentication visibility which either hides blocks from logged in or logged out users. Of course you can have more than one toggles enabled at any time if you wish to hide a certain block in more than one cases.

Finally we have added a text color control on the Testimonial block, and we made the size, alignment and text controls on the Icon, Icon Box and Image Box blocks responsive, giving you the ability to have different values set based on the device the block is viewed on.

GutenBee 2.8.0 is out today and it’s free, learn more, download it in the link below.

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