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Grow your audience with the right subscription form!

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Grow your audience with the right subscription form! WordPress template

Your WordPress site is awesome.

But what makes it ultra-awesome is that it enables you to convert first time visitors into subscribers and into potential customers. How? Add stunning signup forms and popup subscription boxes anywhere you deem necessary, in order to increase conversions.

Moosend, the popular email marketing service provider has just released their breezy subscription forms for creative marketers! You can grow your list fast and effectively, with a signup form that is worthy of your beautiful website.

“Why are subscription forms all that important in the first place?”, you might ask.

Your signups are your potential customers

Your website is there to provide details about your company and brand, and an additional way for leads to reach out to you via other channels, email, and so on. However, it is what you do with all these leads and first-time visitors that shows whether you are long-term oriented or rather opportunistic with what you (could) do with them.

On your website, capturing as many email addresses as possible is essential because this way you are building you an audience with people who are highly engaged and interested in what you do. By sending them weekly newsletters or email sequences, you will get far more engagement than you would with any other promotional activity.

The “Email or Facebook” dilemma

No dilemma here. You need both. First, to underscore the importance of collecting email addresses, it is central to examine how email weighs up to other ways of promoting content.

With the availability of Websites using Google Cloud, and if you do email marketing with those, you’ll get high click-through rates as recipients of your campaigns have volunteered to enter their email addresses to receive more news, discounts, and so on.

Facebook on the other hand, according to a Social Ogilvy study, even if you have thousands of followers, due to its algorithm, will show your content to very few – unless you advertise. This means more budget, but at the same time, it means that your content is promoted across a broader audience and only a very small fraction of these people will interact with a brand or its content even though they have not liked the facebook page at hand.

As your business grows, you can send out more emails informing leads and customers alike of your new releases, upgrades, products, services now available. You can also set the tone of communication from corporate to personal, depending on the content of your message. In this way, a personal note from the founder or a slip from the social media managers to the community will take you a long way.

But none of it will happen if your interface does not take into consideration your visitors’ interaction with the page. This places significant weight on your placement of the signup box on your website. And there’s more to it.

What if your subscribers interacted differently and converted more with a popup box instead of a subscription form? Can you add a variety of custom fields? Are you sure you can match the design of your signup form to the rest of your site? Can you choose what mailing list each of these go to? And most importantly, does it look good on mobile?

All of the above are essential to a high-performing and high-converting website for a number of reasons.

Why is signup box placement so important?

You need to make informed decisions since everything you do has a direct effect on your website’s performance. It makes no sense to place your signup box on the top left just because everybody else you know seems to be doing so.

Use a heat map tool to see how your website visitors behave when they are using your website; where they pause, where they spend more time. There are various tools out there, even with real-time analytics. Once there is a verdict of a hot spot, drag and drop your sign up form over there.

Signup form or popup box?

After you have installed signup forms, check back a couple of weeks later and replace them with popup boxes- see which one performs better and keep that one. Few months later, you might want to change things around again, just to be safe and see whether everything still stands as is. Say Hello to Moosend’s Subscription Form Plugin which provides this option in two stylishly thriving formats.

Why do I need a variety of custom fields?

Some may think that signup forms are not anything special and little do they add to the overall performance of a website. That is why they might be too fast to pick out a random plugin for the ecommerce platform they spent time carefully selecting. The reason why they should think twice before deciding on one subscription form plugin for WordPress is because variety in custom fields gives them more flexibility in acquiring the information they need from their subscribers. In other words, a subscription form that only accepts text makes it harder for a subscriber-to-be to complete all fields, which means they might eventually drop out of this process. Instead, by adding a variety of custom fields, from numeric to check boxes, to drop-down menus, marketers can rest assured that their leads remain excited and involved throughout the process.

Is style important when crafting my signup form?

Installing a chameleon plugin, that is one that perfectly matches the sophisticated style and branding on your website is key. On the contrary, a sloppy signup form could detract from your website’s reliability and discourage visitors to share their address with you, lest this is a spyware or other malicious ad. This does not mean that you cannot go for a style that contrasts your website’s branding – this could prove to be a smart way to catch visitors eyes! Remember, whatever you do, a premium signup form is the safest way to grab as many quality email addresses as possible!

Do all email addresses I collect end up to the same mailing list?

You could add multiple subscription forms across the pages on your site with each of them adding email addresses to a different mailing list. For instance, a subscription form on a webpage about email marketing design tips will categorize that email address under relevant content. This will help you segment your audience faster and more effectively. In turn, you will be able to send more targeted and meaningfully relevant content to the respective audiences.

Is there anything else I should look out for before I install a subscription form plugin to my WordPress site?

Is your subscription form mobile responsive? With so many people checking their emails on the go, nobody really wants to make it hard on someone to subscribe to their website. Install a mobile responsive plugin on your website and don’t let any lead slip away!

Is it all that good?
One way to find out.

Activate the WordPress plugin by Moosend and start collecting email addresses!

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