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Corner – A WordPress Theme for Creative Professionals

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Corner – A WordPress Theme for Creative Professionals WordPress template

June’s first theme was Corner, a simple looking but powerful all-in-one theme for creative professionals, freelancers or bloggers who want to get the most out of their website. Let’s explore Corner’s features.


Corner’s homepage seems simple but we’ve made it so that no two Corner themes can be alike. This is because Corner’s homepage is completely widgetized and allows you to create an infinite amount of homepage variations, or update it with the least effort possible.


The screenshot demonstrates the special Front Page Widget Area and the three widgets we’ve assigned to it for our demo. Two of those widgets are custom made “super widgets” designed to allow the user easily show any type of content with a number of options. Using the Recent Items Grid widget a number of posts latest content type items can be shown split into any column configuration we desire. The other content type widget we’ve prepared for Corner, named Item Slideshow brings either latest posts or the images of a post (e.g. you might want to display your latest work item, or only one item and show its gallery) in a slideshow format. Of course, every default WordPress widget is also compatible with the frontpage.

Content Types

Corner features a number of custom post types in conjunction with the WordPress defaults (posts and pages), namely Portfolio and Inspiration. It also is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can sell any products you like (for example your work as posters) in a simple fashion. The Inspiration post type is a special section with infinite scrolling (like Pinterest) where you can pin your favorite photos or videos, and the Portfolio is where you can show off your work. Corner is so flexible that you could just use anything you’d like, or even use it as a stand-alone e-shop using WooCommerce and populate your homepage with the WooCommerce Products widget.

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