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Content Locker – Grow social media traffic

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In today’s competitive world of blogging social media traffic and mailing lists are perhaps the most important tools to help us increase our sites’ reach and exposure. Our plugin of the day is geared towards helping you increase that traffic by restricting access to pieces of your content.

Content Locker

Content locker is a pretty straight forward plugin when it comes to its functionality. It allows you to create “lockers” which are content containers, each locker has its own title and description and are added to the content via the use of shortcodes. Copy the shortcode of the locker, wrap it around a piece of your content and that’s it. Now the content is locked and the user has to like a page, give a Twitter shout-out or a G+ mention to access it.

You can use multiple lockers on a post, for example if you want to hide videos but leave the text accessible to everyone, or vice-versa. The free version of the plugin requires a like, a tweet or a mention to unrestrict the content. The plugin offers a premium one which could require sharing the content itself to Facebook, Twitter, G+ or LinkedIn in order to unlock it.

If your content is interesting and engaging usage of a plugin like this to restrict key parts of the content can help you drive your social traffic way up, however please keep in mind that overusing it might act as a deterrent to visitors.

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