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5 ways Toolset will help you to build advanced business/corporate sites.

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5 ways Toolset will help you to build advanced business/corporate sites. WordPress template

When it comes to analyzing cryptocurrency data, it only makes sense that you need a website advanced enough to handle this complex information. Of course, the problem is the more complicated your website becomes, the longer it takes to build. However, you can simplify this process and save time by incorporating cutting-edge tools. For instance, you can use the trading bot tool from immediateconnect to streamline your cryptocurrency analysis efforts.

Fortunately, Blockchain is now custom post types ready and is integrated with the website builder, Toolset. Blockchain is an incredibly powerful theme for building great WordPress sites and they are now even easier to make. That is because Toolset’s suite of plugins allows you to create these advanced websites quickly and without using any PHP.

Here are some of these advanced features which we’ll explore throughout this article:

  • Add your own content sections with custom post types
  • Create personalized templates with custom fields
  • Categorize your posts with taxonomies
  • Control who accesses your content with a members area
  • Build the perfect landing pages with our drag and drop feature

Why Blockchain is a great option for building advanced cryptocurrency sites

The variety of options and sheer flexibility of Blockchain makes it a great theme for building your trading website.

With Blockchain, you are able to create a personalized cryptocurrency experience for your users thanks to their crypto widgets which you can use to track performances while comparing thousands of different currencies. Furthermore, their crypto exchange rates feature means you can list the latest valuations anywhere on your website. In addition, these tables can be set to contain vital information including the change over 24 hours and the market cap.

As well as the substance, Blockchain also makes your website look great thanks to its infinite color schemes and ability to customize your header depending on whether you want to keep it visible while scrolling or even change its appearance for different pages.

While Blockchain already comes with these great features, Toolset’s integration helps you to build on these to easily create a more advanced website than ever before. Let’s look at five ways combining the two has enhanced our demo trading website.

1. Complete flexibility with custom post types

You can divide your content into as many sections as you like thanks to Toolset’s custom post types and its compatibility with Blockchain.

WordPress is a fantastic piece of software for building websites but it only comes with two post types – posts and pages. Blockchain shows its worth as a theme because it provides seven more custom post types including case studies and job listings. However, adding Toolset gives you complete flexibility.

Looking at our trading website example, let’s imagine you want to provide a news section giving the latest updates that might be relevant to cryptocurrency investors. While Blockchain provides additional custom post types, none of them make sense for a news section. However, Toolset allows us to create any custom post type we like. Therefore, we can make a post type called “News” and add all our content there.

Your “News” custom post type now appears on the sidebar on your WordPress dashboard.

Of course, you could manually create each individual post as a “news” post type but that would require far too much time and work. With custom post types you can create a section and quickly assign it to the relevant content without wasting time with unnecessary coding.

The “News” custom post type combines all your news posts in one section.

When you are adding news content you will generally want to keep each post in the same format to provide continuity for the reader. The easiest way to do this is by creating a template for each post.

2. Create a template for each post with custom fields

Custom fields help you quickly create a template with the important information you need for each post without resorting to coding it yourself.
Looking at our “News” section we might want to have specific subheadings for each post regarding the cryptocurrency we are writing about. For example, if we were writing about bitcoin we could display relevant information such as the “Price”, the “Market Cap” and the “Total Crypto Market.”

Once you have created the custom fields it is simple to fill them out for each post on the WordPress back-end.

Without having to spend time creating each section whenever we write a post about the currency, custom fields lets us add them all once without coding. As a result, each time we create a new post the fields will appear within the dashboard for us to fill in.

Each “News” post we create now has the same template thanks to custom fields.

Now let’s imagine that you have invested in one particular cryptocurrency and were only interested in updates on that currency. How could you filter the content to only see those posts?

3. Taxonomies will help clients find the most relevant content

With Toolset’s taxonomies, you will be able to add custom categories to your content which will allow your users to easily find exactly what they want.

If we continue with the news section example, a cryptocurrency investor might only be interested in the latest news about binance coin if that’s the only currency they have invested in. Therefore, they would want to be able to quickly locate the most relevant news and disregard the rest. WordPress only provides categories and tags which are not specific enough to separate content about different cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, custom post types can easily create a page for the latest news updates, but creating post types for each currency (such as binance) within the news would be far too time consuming.

A much faster option is taxonomies which lets you easily create these custom categories. You will then be able to assign the best taxonomy to each post with a click of the button. Better still, you do not need to use any PHP.

Have a look at our example below of how you can create a taxonomy which separates all the news items to show only ones about binance coin.

Thanks to taxonomies, we now have a page where users can look through posts on one subject, such as binance coin.

Thanks to taxonomies, we now have a page where users can look through posts on one subject, such as binance coin.If you are running a cryptocurrency exchange site then you will need to create a membership area where traders can buy and sell their currency. But how can you easily create restricted pages?

4. Toolset’s Access allows you to restrict content to members

With Toolset Access, you can decide what different users can do on your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

Cryptocurrency sites will almost inevitably require a login page for customers who want to buy and sell their currency. The question is how can you ensure only those with registered accounts can access the pages to do this? With Toolset Access, you can separate your users on the back end and assign certain privileges based on membership.

Let’s imagine you want guests to be able to read all of your content but not see the pages where transfers of currency take place. Usually, the process of adding restrictions could be arduous and complicated. However, with Toolset, you can manage whether users can see anything from different custom post types to taxonomies or archives.

It is simple to create exclusive areas for your members thanks to Toolset’s Access plugin

Whether your users are guests or members, you will need to create landing pages which are simple to navigate and can instantly provide them with the information required.

5. Use Toolset Layouts to arrange your landing pages

The landing pages you have in your mind can become a reality thanks to Layouts’ simple and intuitive drag and drop editor. Blockchain provides you with great features such as widgets and crypto exchange rates for your WordPress website and with Toolset, you are able to display these complicated features simply and in a way which is easy to use.

For instance, if you wanted to build a “Case studies” section where clients gave testimonials about how great your service is then you will need a landing page which showcases your best selling points and directs people towards becoming members. For example, within our “News” custom post type we have added the Top Crypto Ticker widget from Blockchain next to the image. We have also added widgets for the latest news, upcoming events and ways to get in touch on social media. You can add any content from slideshows to videos or custom-made widgets.

Layouts gives you full control over what content appears on your pages and exactly where using the drag and drop editor.

Rather than spending time fiddling around with HTML or PHP coding, Layouts allows you to create a clean output using everything the Bootstrap library offers.

How to get started

Instead of spending hours setting up these advance features, you can download Toolset’s suite of plugins today (You will receive a discount of 20% by following the link). It will save you hours, if not days, of time developing a news website.

If you also install Blockchain you will get a win-win situation. A great looking advanced cryptocurrency website which is easier than ever to implement.

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