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1.2 - July 1, 2019

Compatibility: WordPress 5.2.1 — 5.6.2

List of changes between brittany-light v1.1.1 (rev. 23894) and v1.2 (rev. 26509)

* FIXED: Metaboxes bound to specific post formats (if any), wouldn't appear on initial page load inside the new block editor.
  M inc/helpers-post-meta.php

* ADDED: Call to wp_body_open() (since WP v5.2) with backward compatibility for earlier versions.
  M header.php

* REMOVED: Google+ Social Icon
* ADDED: Trip Advisor Social Icon
* ADDED: Telegram Social Icon
  M functions.php

* REMOVED: Unneeded ci_theme_sanitize_custom_css()
  M inc/sanitization.php

* FIXED: Headings in comment content had a top border
* FIXED: Pingbacks and trackbacks appeared too far apart
* FIXED: Appearance issue with separator position when too many categories on post meta
* FIXED: Tags appearing very close to enclosing border when there are too many of them
* ADDED: Tables & lists needed some margin in comment content
* FIXED: Layout issue when posts had no categories
* FIXED: Some widgets hda padding and a white background applied, which was not visible in the footer, making them appear smaller than their container.
* UPDATED: Logo is now a <div> instead of an <h1>
* UPDATED: Blog listing titles are <h2> (single posts/pages unaffected and still <h1>)
* ADDED: Add minified style versions
  M comments.php
  A css/admin/customizer-styles.min.css
  A css/base.min.css
  A css/flexslider.min.css
  A css/font-awesome.min.css
  M css/inc/_ci-base.scss
  M css/inc/_comments.scss
  M css/inc/_ecommerce.scss
  M css/inc/_header.scss
  M css/inc/_modules.scss
  M css/inc/_navigation.scss
  M css/inc/_widgets.scss
  A css/magnific.min.css
  A css/mmenu.min.css
  A css/slick.min.css
  M header.php
  M item-media.php
  M item.php
  M style.css
  A style.min.css

* ADDED: Page builder template
  A template-builder.php

* FIXED: Escaped some variables, formatting, coding standards, translator comments, etc.
* CHANGED: Font awesome updated to version 5.
* REMOVED: Vine social icon option.
* ADDED: Social icons: Snapchat, behance, youtube, etsy, github, medium, mixcloud, paypal, slack, skype, xbox, playstation.
* CHANGED: Added helpful main menu fallback.
* FIXED: Use get_theme_file_path() and get_theme_file_uri() where possible, for better child theme compatibility.
* CHANGED: Scripts/styles version numbers now follow the theme's version unless WP_DEBUG or SCRIPT_DEBUG are enabled, for easier cache busting.
* FIXED: Escaped, sanitized and reformatted widgets.
* FIXED: Echo div.entry-tags only when a post has tags.
* FIXED: No space between button and pre-footer widget
* FIXED: Focused radio buttons had a box shadow
* FIXED: Mobile menu did not show all options on long menu lists on mobile landscape modes
* UPDATED: Site’s header is now laid out using Flexbox
* CHANGED: Replaced all calls to ci_theme_get_image_src() with the functionally equivalent native wp_get_attachment_image_url().
* FIXED: Comment form opt-in checkbox would wrongly get a .sr-only class.
* FIXED: Widgets should ignore sticky posts.
* FIXED: Denote sticky posts as "Featured".
* UPDATED: Fix styles for posts missing thumbnails
* CHANGED: Depended styles required by 'ci-theme-style' are now in under the handle 'ci-theme-dependencies'.
  M 404.php
  A assets
  A assets/fontawesome
  A assets/fontawesome/css
  A assets/fontawesome/css/all.css
  A assets/fontawesome/css/all.min.css
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-brands-400.eot
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-brands-400.svg
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-brands-400.ttf
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-brands-400.woff
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-brands-400.woff2
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-regular-400.eot
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-regular-400.svg
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-regular-400.ttf
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-regular-400.woff
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-regular-400.woff2
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-solid-900.eot
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-solid-900.svg
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-solid-900.ttf
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-solid-900.woff
  A assets/fontawesome/webfonts/fa-solid-900.woff2
  A assets/repeating-fields
  A assets/repeating-fields/repeating-fields.css
  A assets/repeating-fields/repeating-fields.js
  A assets/repeating-fields/repeating-fields.min.css
  A assets/repeating-fields/repeating-fields.scss
  M comments.php
  D css/font-awesome.css
  D css/font-awesome.min.css
  D fonts
  M functions.php
  M header.php
  M inc/customizer-styles.php
  M inc/customizer.php
  M inc/functions.php
  M inc/helpers-post-meta.php
  M inc/helpers.php
  M inc/sanitization.php
  M inc/widgets/about-me.php
  M inc/widgets/latest-posts.php
  M inc/widgets/socials.php
  M item-media.php
  M item.php
  M js/scripts.js
  M page.php
  M part-social-icons.php
  M searchform.php
  M sidebar.php
  M single.php
  M template-fullwidth-narrow.php

* FIXED: Force term recount after import.
  M functions.php

* Updated readme.txt
* Updated language files.
* Changed version to 1.2
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M readme.txt
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M style.scss

1.1.1 - December 7, 2018

Compatibility: WordPress 5.0+

List of changes between brittany-light v1.1 (rev. 23731) and v1.1.1 (rev. 23894)

* ADDED: Add styles for Gutenberg blocks
  A common
  A common/common.php
  A common/css
  A common/css/global.css
  A common/css/global.scss
  A common/css/inc
  A common/css/inc/_gutenberg.scss
  M functions.php

* Updated lang file and readme.txt
* Changed version to 1.1.1
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M readme.txt
  M style.css
  M style.scss

1.0 - May 24, 2016

Compatibility: WordPress 5.0+

Initial Release

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