Elements Plus



To install the plugin simply navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for Elements Plus!

Next click the Install Now button and wait for the plugin to be installed. Once the plugin is installed you can click the Activate button.

That’s it. The plugin is installed and activated.

Make sure you have Already installed and activated Elementor plugin.

Enabling your Elements

Navigate to ElementorElements Plus! and enable  or disable your new custom elements.

Make sure if you are using Google Maps Plus! to generate a Google Maps API key like described here and paste it in your Google Maps API key field.


While editing a post /page or custom post type with Elementor you will notice a new section called Elements Plus in which you can find your new toolset.

Label Plus!

With Label Plus you can create a simple label tag with custom alignment and an icon.

  1. Add your custom text.
  2. Select an alignment.
  3. Change the icon to your preference.

Under the Style tab you can control the appearance of your label like you would do in any Elementor’s element.

Button Plus!

With Button Plus you can create a simple button with multiple lines and control its style and behaviour.

  1. You can select the type of your button.
  2. Select the first and second text line.
  3. Add a link
  4. Control whether you want to open in a new window and all a nofollow rel.
  5. Change the alignment.
  6. Control the button size.

Under the Style tab you can control the appearance of the button itself and your button text.

With Gallery Plus you can easily add a beautiful gallery with your images and customize it.

  1. Select your images by clicking on ADD IMAGES button.
  2. Select the image size for your images.
  3. Control whether you want to link to a media file, an attachment page or nowhere.
  4. Change the row height between the images.
  5. Change image margins.
  6. Control the looks of the last row
  7. Randomize the order of your images.

In your Style tab you can control your image and image caption appearance.

Call to Action Plus!

With Call to Action Plus you can create awesome hero and call to action section with your content.

  1. Select your button type.
  2. Select your text for the first and second line.
  3. Add your button text.
  4. Change the button link.
  5. Control whether you want to open in a new window and all a nofollow rel.
  6. Change the Alignment.
  7. Change the button Size.

In your Style Tab

You can control your Button, CTA Text Line 1 and CTA Text Line 2 appearance.

Google Maps Plus!

With Google Maps Plus you can add a Google Map anywhere you wish and style it according to your preference.


  1. Add coordinates.
  2. Change the Zoom Level.
  3. Change the Height of the map.
  4. Upload a custom marker icon.
  5. Add custom text to the map’s infobox.
  6. Select one of the preloaded custom map styles.
  7. Paste a style of your choosing from SnazzyMaps.
  8. Prevent scrolling on the map.

Youtube Slideshow Plus!

With Youtube Slideshow Plus! you can add a cool video slider everywhere.

  1. Add a new Video Item.
  2. Select a Video URL.
  3. Add some text for your item.
  4. Change the link options.

  5. Change navigation slider position.

AudioIgniter Plus!

Now you can use our Free AudioIgniter Player as an Elementor Module. AudioIgniter lets you create music playlists and embed them in your WordPress posts, pages or custom post types. By using the standard WordPress media upload functionality, you can create new audio playlists in minutes. You can use AudioIgniter to stream your radio show too!

  1. Select your playlist.
  2. Change the Colors of your AudioIgniter player.

Preloader Plus!

Adding a preloader in your pages will never be easier. First add the preloaded element inside your page.

Select from the Content tab your favorite animated icon and toggle the preview for  your preloader element.

You can easily change the Icon color and page background from the Style Tab.

Instagram Plus!

Display the most recent images from an Instagram feed. You will need to have WP Instagram Widget Plugin installed and activated first.

  1. Add your Instagram username.
  2. Choose the number of Instagram Photos.
  3. Select image size.
  4. Change the Column Layout.
  5. Select the link behavior.

You can also change the Style of your Instagram Module, by selecting the Widget Background Color and the padding between images.

Elements Plus! Tooltip

When enabling this module, in you selected element under the Content Tab you will get a new tooltip section. Here you can enable the custom tooltip and change its settings!

  1. You can enable or disable tooltip for the selected element.
  2. You can change the Tooltip text
  3. You can change various tooltip settings like colors, typography etc.

Scheduled Visibility

Enabling this setting will add a new section for all your Elementor’s Modules under the Advanced Tab. This will allow you to render or not an element based on a date trigger!

Add any element you wish, let’s say a simple heading element in your Elementor canvas. Then select it and navigate to the Advanced tab

There you will find this Scheduled visibility options

We can then select the date that our Heading Element (or any element)  will show, and the date it will hide! You can use these triggers one by one or both.

Icon Plus

An icon element similar to the one bundled with Elementor, with custom icon sets. After enabling Icons Plus module you can add our custom icon in your content.

You can select the icon and change various settings on the icon behaviour from the widget’s content tab.

  1. Change the default style of the icon.
  2. Select the icon you want.
  3. Select the URL you want the icon to point to.
  4. Select the Icon Alignment

You can also change the default color, size and rotation, as well as the hover animation and color of your icon, from the Style tab

  1. Change the primary color of the icon.
  2. Select its Size.
  3. Select its Rotation
  4. Change the hover primary color
  5. Select an animation when hovered.

Image Comparison Plus

This module will allow you to position two images next to each other with a comparison handle between them.

  1. Choose the first Image.
  2. Choose the second Image.
  3. Control the image offset.
  4. Change the various aspects of the comparison module.
  5. Control the slider handle behaviour


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