1.1 - February 23, 2018

Compatibility: WordPress 4.8 — 4.9.4 - MaxSlider 1.1.6+ - WooCommerce 3.3.3+

List of changes between blockchain v1.0 (rev. 20827) and v1.1 (rev. 21098)

* FIXED: Fix sticky header from behaving weirdly on Firefox
  M css/inc/_header.scss
  M style.css

* ADDED: Archive titles even if hero is disabled.
  A archive.php
  A template-parts/archive-heading.php

* ADDED: "Featured" label on sticky posts (in listing pages only)
  M inc/template-tags.php

* FIXED: Replaced verbose comments' pagination code with a simple call to the_comments_navigation().
  M comments.php

* ADDED: wpml configuration file
  A wpml-config.xml

* ADDED: Non-narrow templates are now filterable via the 'ci_theme_non_narrow_templates' filter.
  M functions.php

* FIXED: eShop sidebar is now displayed also on taxonomy listings.
  M functions.php
  M sidebar.php

* CHANGED: Onboarding page class is no longer a singleton.
* ADDED: The default onboarding tab can now be set via the args.
  M inc/onboarding/onboarding-page.php
  M inc/onboarding.php

* FIXED: Fixed issue where the onboarding page would throw a fatal error in PHP 5.2 installations.
  M inc/onboarding/onboarding-page.php

* ADDED: WPML Integration for widgets
  M inc/widgets/callout.php
  M inc/widgets/contact.php
  M inc/widgets/home-brands.php
  M inc/widgets/home-hero-callout.php
  M inc/widgets/home-latest-post-type.php
  M inc/widgets/home-post-type-items.php
  M inc/widgets/schedule.php
  M wpml-config.xml

* FIXED: WPML Integration for buttons and schedule widgets
  M inc/widgets/buttons.php
  M inc/widgets/schedule.php

* FIXED: Added WooCommerce square gallery image size, introduced in v3.3.2
* REMOVED: Removed legacy WooCommerce image size init code.
  M functions.php
  M inc/woocommerce.php

* Updated lang files.
* Changed version to 1.1
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M style.css
  M style.scss

1.0 - January 24, 2018

Compatibility: WordPress 4.8+ - MaxSlider 1.1.6+ - WooCommerce 3.2.6+

Initial release