The complete guide to Jetpack – Part 2 of 6


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We’ve taken a look at Jetpack’s installation and activation on the first part of our guide. On the upcoming parts of this series we will be taking a closer look at Jetpack’s settings panel.

The settings panel is the place to go when you need to configure anything on Jetpack. Whether it is toggling modules on and off, configuring or fine-tuning them.

The panel is split into five tabs. The tabs categorize the modules so you can find them easier. Looking to enable site stats? Engagement is the group you are looking for. Need to add some holiday cheer to your site via snow? Appearance is where you are headed.

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Use WooCommerce to create a product catalog

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It allows users to set up eCommerce sites and manage orders with ease. It offers an all-in-one solution when it comes to WordPress powered e-shops. However sometimes you might want to display your products on your site, but not sell them. For example if you are using a B2B system, you might want to have a place to display your products online without giving the ability to visitors to place orders. As always, there are plugins that can help you with this.

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How to create a music playlist with AudioIgniter in WordPress

We have recently released AudioIgniter. A stylish and easy to use audio player plugin for WordPress. AudioIgniter is suitable for solo artists, bands, DJs and podcasters.

The plugin is available for download for free on the WordPress plugin directory. It also has a PRO version, you can learn more about it on our site here.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at how we can create a playlist using AudioIgniter.

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Get the most out of Facebook with these WordPress plugins

Facebook is everywhere and almost everybody is on it. Its popularity makes it a great tool to help us reach more people, to expand our audience and promote our work. It is a wise choice for anyone that wants to increase their visitors, customers or readers to integrate their site with Facebook. Today we’re going to take a look at some plugins that can help us with this task.

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The complete guide to WordPress menus

Navigation is a very important part of any webpage. A well structured one allows the visitors to easily locate all the information they are looking for and make the overall browsing experience more pleasant. Luckily WordPress has catered to this need with a functional and easy to use menu system. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the menu creation procedure.

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How to display your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress site

LinkedIn has become the number one social network for professionals. It provides great tools to help you promote yourself and your work, but also meet new people with similar skills and interests and make successful business connections. Considering the above, it might be beneficial to display your LinkedIn profile on your site to attract people’s attention to it. It can serve as a sort of “about the author” as well. Today we’ll see how you can display your linked in profile on your WordPress site.

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Check out these 5 Pinterest plugins for WordPress

Pinterest has become a huge platform when it comes to image sharing. Whether you are interested in promoting your products, showcasing your work or just re-pinning your favorite stuff from other users, it’s a great tool in your social media arsenal. Naturally you would like to integrate it with your WordPress site in order to increase both your site’s and your board’s exposure. Today we’re going to take a look at some plugins to help you get it done.

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How to add an author box to your WordPress posts and pages

Authoring on WordPress has become easier than ever so its very common to have multiple authors contributing on the same site. Multi-author sites need to help their authors be known and accessible to their audience. How can they achieve this? With author boxes. Adding a small section below each post or page with the author’s info, like bio, social profiles and avatar can help authors be more visible and readers get to know their favorite author better.

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How to add tweetable quotes in your WordPress posts

Continuing with our social media sharing theme, today we’ll shift our attention to Twitter. As an author you’d certainly want people sharing your content in social media, especially short and to the point snippets. Everyone loves quotes and Twitter is the perfect medium to deliver them to your audience. We have gathered three WordPress plugins that will help you create clickable quotes that can instantly be shared on Twitter. Let’s go!

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