Stereo (v. One point Squared)

One of our most popular themes, Stereo2 was just updated.

Due to popular demand, we added support for recurring events. As always, don’t expect anything complicated.

You will not find cron-like features in here. No. Instead, it works so simply that you could even call it crippled. All you need to do is check that the event is recurrent, and then just type how often it recurs. Dead simple, right?

Then, we also took things further standardizing how the full width page template works. You see, until now, we didn’t provide real support for a featured image in the full width template. But now things changed. Now, you can either have a full width image, or the same image/configuration like posts/pages, or disable it completely. And the cool thing is, the image size will only be created if you select the full width image. All other options disable it. This is going to be standard functionality on new themes and updates.

Of course, we updated loads of stuff on the back-end as well. This is more or less the list of the main features:

  • Supports WordPress >= 3.3.3
  • Internationalization got better. Event dates are now localized. Language files were also updated.
  • Scripts and styles are all now properly enqueued instead of hard-coded on the header/footer.
  • Full child-theme support.
  • Per post color scheme selection.
  • Recurrent events.
  • Full width featured image support.
  • White-labeling.
  • Updates notification.
  • Etc…

What are you waiting for? Keep a backup (we don’t have to repeat ourselves, do we?), download the newest Stereo2 version and give it a try.

If we did things right, you will not notice anything different, except the good parts.

Let us know if you like it.

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