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Status Update for months April & May 2015

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You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet for the last couple of months, and for a good reason. April & May were arguably two of the most productive months we’ve seen here in CSSIgniter having updated almost every single aspect of our business and products.

Site Redesign

Beginning in the month of April we launched our new website (the one you’re now reading this blog post into!). It’s better, faster, larger, and 100% responsive, accommodating all mobile users! We put a lot of effort in providing a clear overview of what CSSIgniter is about, and most importantly present our themes in a better way for you to decide the best fit for your business. We hope you like it as much as we’ve enjoyed building it!

All our themes are now responsive

For the past few months we’ve been rebuilding our older but popular themes completely from the ground up into a modern codebase and fully responsive layouts. Philoxenia, Troy, Vidiho, Nico, Klou, BusinessOne and Ithaca are already available and at the end of this week we’ll be re-releasing our last non-responsive theme, Lucullan v2.0. This means that all themes in our catalogue will now be fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and tablets! On top of that we’ve also recently released 2 new beautiful themes which you might want to check out: Amaryllis and Tabloid.

All themes received updates

At the end of April we’ve updated every single one of our themes in response to a security vulnerability discovered earlier in the WordPress community. Only three of our themes were directly affected but we’ve patched and updated everything just to be on the safe side.

CSSIgniter Shortcodes plugin

Our CSSIgniter Shortcode plugin was also completely revamped from the ground up. We’ve redesigned every component into a flatter design to better reflect the current standards, added 6 new shortcodes, included new features to every shortcode and made all shortcodes completely responsive so that they adapt to any screen or content size! You’re welcome to check out an overview of all the shortcodes provided here.

And we’re not done yet. We’re planning quite a few more changes on our themes and release cycles which we’ll announce soon. Stay tuned for some really exciting stuff!

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