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Elements Plus! is a FREE plugin for the popular Elementor page builder. It gives the user twenty extra ‘elements’ (widgets) to use.

AudioIgniter Plus!

Looking for an audio player for WordPress that just works? Look no further, AudioIgniter now includes an ElementorPlus module! Learn more about AudioIgniter

Button Plus!

The button plus module works exactly like the default button module but you can have 2 lines of text. You can control colors and typography separately for each line of text!

Call to Action Plus!

Creating call to action sections in Elementor is easy. It provides all the modules you need but what about a module that lets you do just that? There it is.

Caldera Forms Plus!

Use and style every single elements of your Caldera forms with Elementor! Fields, titles, subtitles, textareas and more. 

Contact Form 7 Plus!

Use and style every single elements of your Contact Form 7 forms with Elementor! Fields, titles, subtitles, textareas and more. 

Content Toggle Plus!

Allow your users to switch between 2 different pieces of content either created through 2 different content editors or assign Elementor templates!

Countdown Plus!

This widget allow website owners to create functional countdown timers in a few minutes. You can even set your own custom text when the timer is over.

Dual Button Plus!

No need for extra columns just for having 2 buttons next to each other. Just use the dual buttons module. A Vertical layout option available as well.

FlipClock Plus!

Looking for a fancy countdown clock? Here’s FlipClock Plus! You can set a text when the countdown is over, adjust the colors and select among multiple layouts.

Gallery Plus!

Beautiful galleries are now available in Elementor through Gallery plus! Adjust the height of each, set the margin between the images and more.

Google Maps Plus!

Google maps are great. The default colors are not. Google maps plus! brings snazzy maps into the play. Select a predefined style or import your own custom one.

Hotspots Plus!

Add hotspots with optional tooltips on any image. Select among simple text symbols, icons or custom icons. Total control over the style of youρ tooltips!

Heading Plus!

Standard headings are great but boring. Create fancy headings with multiple fonts, text and background colors. 

Icon Plus!

The default Icon widget is cool but what about some extra icons?. We hear you. Here’s Icon Plus! Same settings different icons. Lots of them.

Image Comparison Plus!

A simple Elementor widget for comparing 2 images. Just upload your images, select the orientation of the comparison, edit the “Before” and “After” text and more.

Image Accordion Plus!

A pure CSS-based responsive accordion slider that allows you to horizontally expands the images on mouse hover or on tap on mobile devices!

Image Hover Effects Plus!

And now for something completely different. Upload 2 images and select among 17 fantastic hover transitions. Come on, admit it, this is beautiful isn’t?

Inline SVG Plus!

 Inline SVG Plus! is quite possibly the most flexible and secure way to add SVG graphics in your pages. Change size, colors or add multiple-colored SVGs.

Instagram Filters Plus!

Who needs Photoshop anyway? Apply one of the 42 amazing Instagram filters to your images and set the mood of your web pages easily. Extends the default image widget.

Label Plus!

The label plus module lets you create beautiful inline labels. You can control typography, colors, alignment, icon, spacing and more. Isn’t that cool? We think it’s cool and useful.

Preloader Plus!

Here’s a simple Elementor module that lets you add a preloader screen. Select the icon of your choice, maybe set different background & text colors. Done!

Scheduled Plus!

With Scheduled Plus! you can control the visibility of any module based on date. Once the setting is activated, you will find the settings under the Advanced tab.

Search Plus!

A flexible search widget. Search posts, pages, taxonomies and custom post types. Complete styling controls included. AJAX Results are fully customizable too.

Sticky Videos Plus!

Add sticky video functionality to the default Elementor video widget. Set the position (bottom left / bottom right) and change the size of the sticky video

Tables Plus!

The easiest way to create tables with Elementor. Simply define your headings and start adding rows. That’s it really. Complete color and typography control is included.

Tilt Effect Plus!

Beautiful Tilt effects for ALL Elementor widgets available. Including rows and columns. Including the ones added by your add-ons. Including device orientation detection!

WPForms Plus!

Use and style every single elements of your WPForms with Elementor! Fields, titles, subtitles, textareas and more. Also compatible with the premium version of WPForms!

YouTube Slideshow Plus!

What if you need to add a series of YouTube videos in your Elementor-based website?  Youtube Slideshow plus! to the rescue. Add as many YouTube videos as you want.

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