Pinfinity v1.2 is here

If you like Pinfinity, you are going to love its update to v1.2. We could go on and on about what makes this theme great, but we are not going to.

Instead, here are the hard facts:

  • Full child theme support.
  • Turn off infinite scrolling. Uses normal pagination instead. Of course, WP-PageNavi is supported.
  • Added link post format.
  • Videos now open in a lightbox. A featured image is shown instead of the video in listing pages, or a default play button placeholder if not featured image is available.
  • Optional fixed footer. Do your listing pages have too many posts and the users never see you footer? Check the appropriate option, and the footer will always be visible on the bottom of the screen. Always.
  • Repeatable widget area at the end of each page. Assign widgets to it, and they will be loaded at the end of each AJAX request. You know, you could place your ads in a text widget there…
  • Color scheme selection. You can place your custom color scheme file in the /colors/ folder, and then just select it from the panel. (Please note that if you update, you will need to re-select your color scheme).
  • Per post/page color scheme. This page white, that post blue? No problemo :)
  • Featured image options for posts, pages and full width page template.
  • Updated language files.

Don’t wait any longer. Get your copy of Pinfinity v1.2 now!

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  1. Wallpaper says:

    How do i change posts per page showing? Please hlp

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      By going to Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most: and changing the value next to it.

      In the future, please use the dedicated support forums for theme-specific assistance.

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