Molly – A responsive, tumblr-like theme for WordPress

Yesterday we released our first responsive WordPress theme and we are really proud of it. So simple yet so powerful, Molly is one of those themes that doesn’t get in the way and let’s your content shine. Let’s have a closer look.

Setting up Molly is easy. Really easy. All you have to do is upload the theme, setup a few options in the custom options panel (E.g. upload your logo and/or set a tagline) and you are ready to start creating content. Any kind of content like:

Standard posts

No need to explain this content type. You can use Molly as a blog and write posts like you would normally do with any other theme. Here’s how a normal post looks like.


On of the coolest things in WordPress is that if you want to embed a video all you have to do is copy / paste the URL of that video into the text editor. WordPress supports a wide range of video providers but we took this a step further. If you want to embed a video from an unsupported site, all you have to do is paste the iframe code in a text field like the one you see in the image above. Cool eh?

Image galleries

Creating image galleries with Molly is a matter of preparing your images and uploading them. That’s all.  We will grab these images and put them inside a responsive slider where people can click and view a larger version of each image in a lightbox. Here’s an example.

Audio files / Podcasts

We have included an HTML5 audio player in Molly and sharing audio files with it is a matter of just uploading your mp3 file. The player (customizable) looks like this.

Part of the $39 deal

Yes. Molly is part of our yearly subscription deal and once you subscribe you get unlimited access to every theme.

Where is Femme? The responsive / eCommerce theme you were going to release?

It’s just around the corner. As this is our first eCommerce theme we want everything to be perfect and make sure you get a 101% out of it. It’s already in the testing phase so stay tuned!



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  1. Gene says:

    …just joined… trying out your tumblr-like themes… my vote is for more of these type… keep up the good work..

    Yours in success,
    Gene Gerwin

    1. Gerasimos Tsiamalos says:

      Thanx Gene, yes more tumblr-like themes will be available in our catalog soon :)

  2. Gene says:

    That’s great news… :)

    A few other things on the top of my wish list:

    1. I need CSS & Javascript code for the Shortcodes WIth Style plugin for responsive & sleek looking tabs… See the tabs here: (I’m trying to import them to SWS but am getting jquery conflicts I think)

    2. An option in the control panel to enable/disable the display of post metadata such as author & date.

    Yours in success,
    Gene Gerwin

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