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Me, a responsive vCard theme for WordPress is now available

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Earlier today we released Me. a responsive vCard theme for WordPress. It’s a single-page template which means that it’s really easy to setup and go live in minutes. Let’s see how do it.

Me is divided in 4 main sections.


In this section you can display your name, your current role as a professional, a photo and of course a small description about you. In order to setup this section all you have to do is create a normal page, upload your photo, write your description and from our custom options panel assign this page as the “intro” section as show in the image above.

Skills / Experience

The second main section is divided in 2 main parts. Your skills and your previous experience. Entering your skills is a matter of filling a super simple form in our custom options panel. Have a look at the image below. Enter your skill and a number between 0 and 100 and we will take it and transform it into a beautiful little gradient graphic. If you need to insert a new section just leave the number part empty and we will take care of it. Simple eh?

About your experience items, there’s no need to explain this one as it is a custom post type and you can use it as your blog posts section.


The portfolio section is a custom post type too. You can organize your work in categories and we will display them as filters on top of your portfolio items. For every portfolio item you can display more than one images / photos in the lightbox by uploading more images inside the post screen.  there’s not restriction on the number of portfolio items that you want to display.


In the last main section we have 2 areas. The left one which is a widgetized area and we have created a custom widget just for this theme called “CI Address”. You can use it to display your contact details and we will take care of the html markup adding more meaning to it using Microformats. In order to insert a contact form all you have to do is use your favorite contact form plugin, create a form, insert it in a new page (most of the times using a shortcode) and then assign this page as your contact form in our custom options panel as show in the image below.

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