Update / Upgrade your theme

Updating a theme is exactly the same as installing it anew. Have a look a our “installing a theme” article.

Once the new version is installed, you can navigate to Appearance > Themes and delete the old one.

After activating your new theme go to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations and set your menu to be the theme’s main menu. Updating the theme will un-set it. Also, if you get 404 errors while trying to visit some of your posts, refresh your permalinks and the issue will be fixed.

You have two options when you need to update your theme! Either upload the theme files manually via FTP or upload the theme’s zip to WordPress. Before doing so, you will have to download the theme from your Downloads Area.

BEFORE PROCEEDING – We recommend backing up your theme, files and database before starting to update. If you have made changes in the theme’s files and you don’t have a child theme, your changes will be lost! Have a look here for more information on creating a child theme.

Download the new version of your theme.

Step 1 – Head over to www.cssigniter.com/download (while logged in). Click the green ‘Download’ button to get the ZIP archive of your theme. If you are using a  Mac computer make sure you have disabled automatic archive extraction before downloading.

Step 2  – Upload your new theme via FTP or WordPress

Installing the new Update

Via WordPress

Step 1 – First we will need to switch to the default WordPress theme (Twenty Seventeen or any other default theme you might have installed) from  Appearance Themes.


Step 2 – After switching to another theme we will have to delete the one we need to update. To do this open Theme Details and then click the ‘Delete’ button. Your content, pages, options, images and posts will not be removed by deleting your theme. However, any customizations in your theme’s files, such as PHP changes or Javascript changes will be lost! Therefore we suggest using a child theme.

Step 3 – Navigate to Appearance Themes on your dashboard, click on the  Add New button and continue by clicking the Upload Theme button. On the Choose File button select your theme’s archive  file (zip) and click Install Now.

Step 4 – When this has completed successfully, activate the theme. Note: If you are using a child theme, reactivate your child theme.


Uploading the theme files via FTP requires you to delete your old theme files  entirely. This will ensure that you will have an updated theme without old unwanted files.

Step 1 – Go ahead and download an FTP application like FileZilla or similar. Your host can recommend the best FTP application for your installation. Also it can provide FTP credentials (domain, username, password) in order to Login to your server successfully.

Log into your server using FTP and navigate to the wp-content themes your theme.

Step 2 – Remove All files inside the your old theme. Note: If you have a child theme, only remove your parent theme’s files.

Step 3 – Extract the archive of your new theme file and upload the folder contents via drag and drop into your empty old theme folder.


That’s it!

Feel free to contact us in our support forums if you experience any problems while updating your theme.

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