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Newsletter setup

Mailchimp integration

Many of our themes offer newsletter integration with Mailchimp. To use it you will need an account on Mailchimp and to create your own sign up form. Instructions for that can be found here.

Depending on the theme you are using, the form should contain either only an email field or an email and name field. Create the form and once done open it by using the found above the form. In the new page you will see your form, position the mouse cursor on the email field, right-click and select inspect element, your browser’s developer tools will pop-up and you’ll see some code, you are looking for the form element which will look like this


on the screenshot above you can see all necessary data to integrate the form highlighted. We have the action URL, the two hidden values, the name and id for the email field and the name and id for the name field.

Fill in these info under CSSIgniter Settings > Newsletter Options in the designated fields and you are good to go.