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Disable comments

The commenting system is not always needed, so let’s see how we can go about disabling it.

Disable comments only on pages

NOTICE: This section refers to some of our very old themes which have the CSSIgniter Settings panel, on newer themes select one of the other two ways found in this article to disable comments.

Our themes provide you with an option to disable comments on pages, to do that navigate to CSSIgniter Settings > Display Options and locate the Comments meta box


check the Disable comments for pages and the comment form on pages will be replaced by a Comments are closed message, un-check the Show “Comments are closed” message box and nothing will appear in the place of the removed comment form. Click the save changes button and you are done.

Disable comments entirely

In case you need to disable comments globally on your site you will need to navigate to Settings > Discussion and uncheck the Allow people to post comments on new articles box and click save changes.


Remove comments from old posts

As you can see on the last image, WordPress allows us to disable comments on new articles, however, if we have existing articles with comments, these will continue to function, to disable them as well we need to bulk edit these older items.

For example, if we have old posts with comments, we need to go to Posts on our dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Select all old posts
  2. Select Edit from the drop down
  3. Click the Apply button


the bulk edit panel appears, there we:

  1. Select Do not allow from the drop down
  2. Click Update


similarly, we can disable old comments on pages and custom post types.