Ithaca v1.3

Remember our gaming review theme, Ithaca? Well, we just updated it and it’s better than ever!

I think the theme speaks for itself, and it already has its fanatic user base, so here is what’s new (more or less):

  • Full featured images support.
  • Full child theme support.
  • Added a separate sidebar for your pages.
  • Color scheme selection. You can place your custom color scheme file in the /colors/ folder, and then just select it from the panel. (Please note that if you update, you will need to re-select your color scheme).
  • Per post/page color scheme.
  • Featured image options for posts, pages and full width page template.
  • Updated language files.
  • Future-proofed some code that was not really ideal.
  • Update notifications.
  • White-labeling.

So, as always, keep a full website backup, and get your copy of Ithaca v1.3 now!

Keep in mind that you’ll need to re-select you color scheme from within the CSSIgniter panel, and you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails, after you select/change any featured image settings, so that they will work with your existing images.

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