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If you manage a lot of WordPress sites each with its own theme, you might need a way to easily check which theme is active on a particular site and which version it’s running. This will make updating themes easier. That’s what today’s plugin of the day can help you with.

Show Theme In Footer

Once you install and activate the plugin the active theme’s name and version number will appear on the bottom right hand side of the administrator dashboard. If you are running a child theme you will also be informed of the parent theme’s name.

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Reset your database with WordPress database reset

The WordPress database might get bloated, especially if you tend to use many plugins, test out new interesting ones and change themes often. You might want to clean it up or even wipe it out entirely to start fresh. You don’t have to delete your entire WordPress installation and create a new one to do this, you can just reset your database using a plugin.

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Migrate your database using WP Migrate DB

There are many cases where you might need to migrate your WordPress database. Whether it is to set up a staging site, update an existing one or create a local installation of a live project. WordPress options and meta are serialized and stored in the database making such migrations a bit more complex than a simple search and replace, but don’t worry, there’s a plugin for this!

WP Migrate DB

This plugin makes database migration a breeze. It will export your database, run a search & replace to replace the old URLs with the new ones and handle data serialization while doing it. What you will get is an SQL file ( or a gz one if you enable compression ) which you can then import to the destination server using phpMyAdmin, MySQL command line or any other tool that allows you to import the database on your server. That’s it. Additional plugin options allow you to exclude spam comments, transients, post revisions and more.

Price: Free

Easy WordPress Contact Form Plugin – WPForms Lite

Contact forms are an essential tool for any site owner that wants to keep in touch with their readers. There are a lot of plugins available on WordPress to help you create forms, but they tend to be a little hard to use, especially when you need to create a form to get started. WPForms is here to solve this problem.

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TinyMCE Advanced

WordPress’ visual editor is simple and easy to use but is far from a complete text editor. Many tools that are very useful to editors are missing, for example copy/paste buttons, adding tables, subscript and superscript buttons and more. Today’s plugin is here to help.

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Editorial Calendar

Are you in the habit of scheduling posts to be published in future dates on your WordPress site to create a steady flow of content for your viewers? Then today’s plugin is one you surely need to check out.

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Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

One of the most important things you need to take care on your site is its security. If you frequent WordPress related forums or groups you will often run into posts that ask for help after a malware infection or hear about security vulnerabilities discovered in WordPress plugins or, more rarer cases in the WordPress core itself. Many of these issues could be avoided by using a security related plugin on your installation. This is what our plugin of the day is about today.

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening


If you haven’t heard of Sucuri, you will be relieved to hear they are a leading online security brand. WordPress security is among their fields of interest. This free plugin includes an array of tools to help you tighten security on your site and monitor it efficiently. Its activity auditing feature tracks any changes made on your site that might be security related, for example user logins and modifications. Another important thing the plugin does is monitor file integrity. Once its activated it creates a “good” state of all important files on your site and if at some point in the future it notices a modification of these files it will let you know.

Modifications often occur from malicious attacks and knowing about them will help you respond to the issue effectively. A malware scanner is also built in to the plugin making malware detection very easy. The plugin provides effective security hardening options like preventing PHP execution in the uploads folder or restricting access to PHP files in the wp-content and wp-includes directory and many more. Some helpful post-hack tools are also available to you such as creating new security keys, changing user passwords and resetting plugins. All of the above are included in the plugin for free.

There is also an add-on service which is a website firewall (Cloud WAF), this is a subscription based service and provides you with DDOS attack protection, brute force attacks, software vulnerability exploitation and more.


Price: FREE

WordPress Notification Bar

Sometimes you need to display a message that you want all your visitors to see. Whether it is a sale you are running on your e-shop or an important post you have recently published, you need a way to make your visitors aware. This is where the WordPress Notification Bar plugin comes into play.


Install the plugin and navigate to Settings > Notification Bar to set it up. You can add some text and create a button that links to a different page if you wish so. The bar can be made to stick at the top of the page when scrolling and its background can be customized to match your site’s color scheme. That’s it, save and enjoy your new bar.



Price: Free

WP Bitly

Today’s plugin of the day utilizes the popular bitly service to help you generate short-links for your content. To start you will need a free bitly account.


Setup is pretty straightforward. Install, activate the plugin and go to Settings > Writing to configure it.


Fill in the OAuth Token, select the desired post types and save. That’s it. Now go to any post, page or custom post type and click the Get Shortlink button and get your bitly short-link from the pop-up window. You are now ready to share on any social network and take advantage of the analytics the service offers.


Price: Free

Revive old post

In order to keep your followers on social media engaged you will need to have a rather regular stream of posts. Of course new content is the ideal option for these posts but in some cases you might not have the time or inspiration to generate something new. A good way to fill in this gap is to share one or some of your older posts. This is where today’s plugin comes into play.


Revive Old Post can automate the process of sharing older posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Tumblr. You can set a minimum a maximum age for the posts eligible for sharing, set how many posts you want to share on each run and the interval between runs. You can also include/exclude certain categories if you wish so. The content of the share is also customizable, you can share just the title, content, both or the content of a custom field instead. Hashtags are also available and so is feature image sharing. Finally campaign tracking on Google Analytics is built in to the plugin so you can see if it indeed works on your site.


Price: Free