Reset your database with WordPress database reset

The WordPress database might get bloated, especially if you tend to use many plugins, test out new interesting ones and change themes often. You might want to clean it up or even wipe it out entirely to start fresh. You don’t have to delete your entire WordPress installation and create a new one to do this, you can just reset your database using a plugin.

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Migrate your database using WP Migrate DB

There are many cases where you might need to migrate your WordPress database. Whether it is to set up a staging site, update an existing one or create a local installation of a live project. WordPress options and meta are serialized and stored in the database making such migrations a bit more complex than a simple search and replace, but don’t worry, there’s a plugin for this!

WP Migrate DB

This plugin makes database migration a breeze. It will export your database, run a search & replace to replace the old URLs with the new ones and handle data serialization while doing it. What you will get is an SQL file ( or a gz one if you enable compression ) which you can then import to the destination server using phpMyAdmin, MySQL command line or any other tool that allows you to import the database on your server. That’s it. Additional plugin options allow you to exclude spam comments, transients, post revisions and more.

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A quick interview with Mario Peshev (DevriX)

Mario is the founder and WordPress architect over at DevriX. He’s been contributing to WordPress core since WordPress 3.7. I haven’t had a chance to meet him (as of yet) so I decided to get to know him a bit better through this quick interview.

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Adieu six for sixteen

Six of our themes deprecated back in January 2016, have now reached their End Of Life.

  1. Me – A personal vCard theme
  2. Mobilee – App showcase theme
  3. Stereo – Music theme
  4. Hartee – Tumblr-style theme
  5. Klou – Portfolio theme
  6. Lucullan – Bar and Restaurant theme

The themes are no longed available for download and no support will be provided.

In fact, we’ve just deleted them from our computers. So long.


Holiday Support Schedule – December 2016

If you are already a CSSIgniter member then you already now about our effort to provide the best possible support. A typical meaningful response to any question won’t take more than a few hours. In every case, all support tickets must be resolved within 24 hours. As the winter holiday season is just around the corner, we need to take some time off and make sure that we will be able to provide this kind of support in 2017 too. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere, we will just be operating on a reduced schedule just for a couple of days:


  • Saturday, December 24th – Support will be closed for the day
  • Sunday, December 25th – Support will be closed for the day
  • Monday, December 26th – Support will close at 4pm GMT+2
  • Saturday, December 31st – Support will closed for the day
  • Sunday, January 1st – Support will be closed for the day
  • Monday, January 2nd – Support will close at 4pm GMT+2

Happy holidays!

10 WordPress podcasts you should follow

Podcasts are a great medium for staying up to date with news, pop culture, learning about science, history or even as an audio-book substitute. They make content consumption easier due to the fact that they don’t require your undivided attention, you can digest them while driving, exercising or even as background noise when working.

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available out there and WordPress ones couldn’t be missing, let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Let’s talk about speed. We all know how important loading speeds are on websites. A slow page will struggle at keeping visitors engaged resulting to high bounce rates, which is less than desirable. The problem only gets worse on mobile users which not only have to deal with slow network speeds but run the potential risk of high data charges when visiting large websites. There are a lot of ways to speed up page loading times and decrease the page size such as caching and minification plugins, CDNs and more, Accelerated Mobile Pages are yet another tool in our disposal which is purpose built for mobiles.

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