Hermoso Documentation

While Hermoso is a simple theme for WordPress let’s go through the simple steps of installing the theme and also provide an overview of our theme’s settings panel and functionality.

Theme Installation

Download the zip file and go to Appearance > Themes and click on the Install Themes tab. Click upload and then Browse. Select the theme zip from your hard drive and click install now. Wait for it and once the upload is done click Activate. The theme is now installed!

Theme Features

Hermoso is a normal WordPress blogging theme that supports Post Formats (namely: Audio, Video, Standard, Image, Link, Gallery and Quote). The only intriguing feature we’ve implemented into this theme is the ability for you to customize (if you want) the color and looks of each and every post and page.

This is done simply by going to the actual post edit screen. Scrolling down you will see a tab named “Post Customizer”:


Using this, you can change the colors and background of each post and page, and save your changes as a preset for future use. You can also delete presets, or use the theme’s defaults (blue, orange or yellow).

Theme settings

Go to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings and you will see our theme settings panel. As you can see there are 8 tabs available:

  • Site Options
  • Color Options
  • Display Options
  • Twitter Options
  • Google Options
  • Feedburner Options
  • Archive Options
  • Custom CSS

Site Options

In this section you can upload your image logo if you have one. If you want a text logo and slogan go to Settings > General and edit the Site Title and Tagline options. In the site options you can manage your favicons for various devices as well.

Color Options

In this section you can change the look and feel of your header and footer. Color, background, you name it.

Twitter Options

For the twitter widget to work, you have to navigate to this tab and fill the input fields following the exact instructions that we provide in the tab itself. Then navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the CI Tweets widget to your sidebar.

Display Options

3 main options in this section. First one let’s you choose what kind of content you want to display in the listing pages (index, category, archive etc). You can select to display the content or the excerpt, define the excerpt’s length and the read more text. The second option let’s you decide how you will be handling your site’s titles. The option “Automatic titles” goes through a long list of popular SEO plug-ins and acts accordingly.

There’s also an option to disable comments on pages and an option to hide the “Comments disabled” label from posts with disabled comments.

Google Options

Copy paste your Google Analytics code in here (including the <script> and </script> tags).

Feedburner Options

If you are using Feedburner for your feed this is the place to copy / paste your Feedburner URL.

Archive Options

This tab let’s you manage this page. You can select how many latest posts to display and toggle the visibility of the yearly,monthly and weekly archives.

Custom CSS

For those familiar with CSS we have included this tab so you don’t have to open and edit the main css stylesheet. Any styles you enter here will override the ones found on style.css.

Adding new posts

Start adding your precious content like you’d do with every other theme out there. One thing to note is that under the main content editor there’s an option that let’s you display a featured video at the top of each post instead of a featured image. Just copy / paste the URL of the video that you want to display. Make sure it’s coming from a supported provider.


We know that most free themes provide little (to none) support but that’s not the case here. We can’t provide support through our forum but you can use the comment form to ask any questions you might have.

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  1. Vassilis Mastorostergios says:

    Hey guys, to everyone reading and missed it in the post, the comments will serve as support for the theme. If you have any questions or issues, shoot away!

  2. Gilles De Muynck says:

    I love this theme alot! It’s flat design and simple interface are exactly what I was looking for! Thanks alot!

  3. Jason says:

    Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. littleguy says:

    Your themes and tech support is really first class. Thanks for this!

  5. Eman says:

    Hi, great theme! What should I do to insert sidebar in homepage? Thanks!

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Hello there,
      the theme doesn’t support a homepage sidebar, so if you want one, you’ll have to figure out how to add one yourself.

      Having said that, I can provide some information regarding this issue.

      You can edit the file functions/sidebars.php and add another register_sidebar() call, imitating the existing call that already exists.

      content-*.php files are included when viewing a single post.
      If you examine the contents of index.php content-standard.php and sidebar.php you will notice how the

      has a class “row” and encloses a div with classes “eight columns” and the sidebar’s div with classes “four columns”

      This needs to be done in index.php, outside the loop, and when ( ! is_single() )

      If you go ahead a do it, I should just warn you that it might not look good, as this isn’t intended functionality, so you might have to style it manually.

      So, the whole thing is both untested and unsupported.

      Hope this helps :)

    2. Quen-Quen says:

      Did you had sucess on the sidebar on Homepage?

      If not, try to add Widgets on footer! Its a very simple step and works just fine! Feels pretty good!

  6. Yann says:

    Pretty nice theme. Thanks!

  7. farzad mir says:

    Thank’s for your great theme.
    It’s Very powerful & beautiful but I have a problem with gallery !!!?
    I can’t put my images in the gallery post and when I upload XML file in the demo of post gallery ,there is nothing like image’s or links of images.
    Thank you

  8. Quen-Quen says:

    Thanks for this amazing theme! Simple interface, but with a great look!

    I only encounter a little issue by using BuddyPress?

    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer in /functions/template_hooks.php on line 35

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      You probably have not defined any (and probably deleted all predefined) color presets. Try defining one and it should go away.

  9. Paula says:

    Hey, this is a lovely theme, but I’ve got a question about adding an edit link to each post – is it possible? I’ve been trying to add it into page.php with this code:

    but nothing I try seems to work…

    1. Paula says:

      <?php edit_post_link(‘edit’, ”, ”); ?> rather, the code doesn’t seem to have turned out…

    2. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Well, you kinda answer yourself.
      page.php is used on pages.

      Depending on where you need to add it, you’ll need to edit the format-*.php files or the content-*.php files.

      format-*.php are used on normal blog listing, while the content-*.php files are used when single posts are viewed.

      Let us know if you need further help.

      1. Paula says:

        Oh, of course! I would have caught that if I wasn’t so tired. Thank you, that worked. Now I just have to fiddle with the positioning and it’ll be perfect. :)

  10. Josh says:

    Hello, I LOVE this theme, it looks amazing on both mobile and desktop. Only one question, how can I remove the comment count box on all posts?

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Inside the files format-*.php and content-*.php identify the following line:
      [php]<a class="comment-no" href="<?php echo get_comments_link(); ?>"><?php echo get_comments_number(); ?></a>
      You need to comment it out, or delete it.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Hi!
    I love the hermoso theme, looks great for a blogging site!
    I was configurating some things in my new blog and I did realize background images for post doesn’t showing correctly. Doesn’t matter if I select image repeat (x or y) or any aligment, it always shows in upper left corner and not repeats. Any suggestion of how to fix this?
    I leave the url to my blog: http://gamersstuff.x10.bz/

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      I’ve paid a visit to your website, but I couldn’t find any posts with the issue you’ve mentioned.
      Could you create a (problematic) post or page, and provide me a direct link to it?

      You can send it to me at anastis [at] cssigniter [dot] com, if you don’t want the link to be public.

      1. Pakita Ibarwengoytia says:

        Thanks for the answer, I leave the link to the post:


        for this post i selected in settings for background image:

        Alignment: top right
        Image repeat: Repeat

        In foresight, i’ve deactivated all plugins in case of conflics, as you see, the problem persists.

        1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

          I just double-checked the released theme’s code and I can confirm it’s correct.
          I also checked your websites generated code, and I can see the following (only the relevant info):
          #entry-1 {

          background-image: url(http://gamersstuff.x10.bz/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/4172553.jpg);
          background-position: top left;
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          This shows that you’ve got the wrong option selected :)

          Now, I see that your site is in Spanish, so if you (or someone else) translated the theme into spanish, may have accidentally translated Repeat for No Repeat, and vice versa (or something like that).
          Please try selecting another option.
          In fact, the Repeat option should be the 2nd from top, as shown by the following code:
          [php]<option value="no-repeat" <?php selected(‘no-repeat’, $ci_post_background_repeat); ?>><?php _e(‘No Repeat’, ‘ci_theme’); ?></option>
          <option value="repeat" <?php selected(‘repeat’, $ci_post_background_repeat); ?>><?php _e(‘Repeat’, ‘ci_theme’); ?></option>
          <option value="repeat-x" <?php selected(‘repeat-x’, $ci_post_background_repeat); ?>><?php _e(‘Repeat X’, ‘ci_theme’); ?></option>
          <option value="repeat-y" <?php selected(‘repeat-y’, $ci_post_background_repeat); ?>><?php _e(‘Repeat Y’, ‘ci_theme’); ?></option>

          Hope this helps :)

          1. Pakita Ibarwengoytia says:

            I must say that I have Hermoso Theme with only a little customization for header, no translation was made.

            I followed your suggestion of select another combination of repeat and alignment but I still have the same error then i realized i never made a new preset to test with background image so I make a new preset and the background alignment and repeat works now but only with a new preset, with the default ones still have the same issue.

            If you wish i can give you administrator access to my site to view for your own eyes the problem.

            Thank you for the time you spent answering me and sorry for all the inconveniencies.

    2. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Oh well,
      I didn’t know you were using a preset.

      When you select a preset for the post, the settings of that preset are applied. It doesn’t matter if you change the background repeat or any other option.

      To clarify what exactly happens:
      a) If you don’t select a preset, but you set colors, background etc, then those colors and background are used.
      b) If you select a preset, the preset’s settings will be used. When you select a preset, the colors, background, etc, are automatically filled, so you can see what this preset actually does, however, changing any values doesn’t change the preset.
      c) If you select a preset and you change some settings and you save the post, although the changed settings seem to persist, they are NOT applied to the post. This is happening for the following scenario: If you use a preset on 10 posts, and you later delete that preset, the posts will not become unstyled, but will use the settings saved.
      d) Selecting a preset and changing some settings, is a good way to create a new preset based on the values of an existing preset.

      So, there you have it. It is indeed working as expected, however you didn’t quite know what to expect.
      I guess I need to update the documentation with this bit of information, in order to avoid future confusion…

      Hope this helps.

  12. Paul says:

    Absolutely love this theme, but very new to using it, can any other users recommend other colour options, (when creating a post) thanks.

  13. paul says:

    Anyone know the best way for this theme to support mobile use? I notice it works ok ish but doesn’t stay within the window when scrolling, it’s like there is more to the right of the page?

  14. Pavel says:

    Hello, I am using your Hermoso theme and I am happy with it. I never used images in it and have not found instructions what the format of the images should be so that the theme is still working correctly not only on a PC, but also on mobile devices. Can you tell me where I could find such technical details? Thank you! Pavel

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Hi there,
      as long as you provide your images with dimensions at least 750x750px, the theme will generate any appropriate intermediate size it needs. They don’t have to be square images though. Just at least 750px in each dimension.

  15. Pavel says:

    Hello, Friends, one more question – WordPress shows that there is a new version of Hermoso Theme, but upgrade does not work – it says that the upgrade file does not exist. Also, when I would upgrade the theme, will be all the settings kept unchanged? Thank you! Pavel

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Hi there,
      updates through the dashboard are not implemented. It only serves as an update notifier. You’ll need to download the updated theme manually from our website.

      You settings will remain unchanged.
      However, if you manually modified any theme files, those changes will be lost (unless of course you implemented them in a child theme).

  16. vester says:

    Hello! In the presentation of the theme, you say that the audio player is customizable. Where can I custom edit it?

  17. Jiri says:

    The theme is amazing. Just one comment: how do I get the icons next to the date and author of each post to display? I installed the theme, but for whatever reason they don’t show up.

    My site: http://www.music-production.cz/

    Thank you,

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Did you resolve this?
      I can see the icons just fine.

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