How to create a website

Today’s guide is more focused on people that don’t want to mess around with technical stuff and just want a place where they can publish their thoughts and content, quick and simple. The tool to get you there is, the commercial version of WordPress. If you are new to WordPress and want to know more about it check this out, otherwise if you are familiar with it but don’t know the details regarding the commercial and the self-hosted versions, have a look at this.

Now that you have all the required background knowledge, let’s get started with creating a site on

Getting started

The first step is visiting and clicking the Get Started button.

The folks over at have broken down the sign up procedure into a few easy steps:

  1. Choosing the type of site you want to create.

    Choose whichever option suits your needs best. This will help the guide suggest themes that could work for you.
  2. Next you have to select what sort of site you want to build. Available options are Blog, Website, Portfolio and e-Commerce*. Pick one to proceed.
  3. On the third step the guide will present you with a selection of suggested themes based on your two previous choices, pick one to continue, if you don’t like them, don’t worry, this can easily be modified later.
  4. Next comes the hard part, naming your site. If you have a name in mind go ahead and enter it in the box, if you are lucky and it’s not taken, you’re good to go, otherwise you will get suggestions for similar ones. Automattic oversees the sale and registration of .blog domains, so you get this option as well. If you have your own domain you can make it work with your site, for a fee.
  5. Once you are done with the name, you can choose your plan. We’ll go with the free one for the purposes of this guide, but all the details are there, if you see something interesting on the Personal, Premium or Business plans, feel free to choose one.
  6. The sixth and final step, asks for your email and a password. Fill them in and proceed.

    That’s it, you are done, once you click the Continue button you will be taken to your new site.

Your new site

Following the sign up guide, is a very small intro of your new site.

You will be shown the admin sidebar and a quick run down of its main functionality, like adding posts, pages and managing your account.

The intro also points out how you can customize your site by changing themes, colors, fonts and more.

Adding your first post

The last part of this guide will get you where you need to be, creating content.

To create your first post click the Add button next to the Posts section on the admin sidebar.

In the post creation screen fill in the title and content. The text editor is pretty straight forward, if you have used any text editing app you should be familiar around it. You can add categories, tags, a featured image and more to your post here as well. Once done click the Publish button and you are done.

That was it. Congratulations, you now have your own site and can start adding content.

*e-Commerce option: Currently does not offer and e-Commerce option, what you get if you select this is a self-hosted version of WordPress on a managed hosting service.

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