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Femme updated to 1.2

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just a quick note that Femme, (our second eCommerce theme) just got a little better. It got what the previous updates gave to the rest of the themes:

  • Supports WordPress >= 3.3.3
  • Internationalization got better by fixing a few strings, and giving all gettext calls a string domain. Language files were also updated.
  • Scripts and styles are all now properly enqueued instead of hard-coded on the header/footer.
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with newer WooCommerce versions (tested with
  • Full child-theme support.
  • Per post color scheme.
  • Custom featured image sizes for single and full width pages
  • etc

Just letting you also know, that beginning with this update, the Social widget has been deprecated in favor of the SocialIgniter plugin.

Go on, grab the latest Femme update and tell us what you think.

If we did things right, you will not notice anything different (except from the Social widget of course).

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