On Envato’s theme submission guidelines

A couple days ago Envato announced a new set of theme submission guidelines for the Themeforest marketplace; you can read them in detail here.

They are a set of rules in an effort to ensure that every theme provided by Themeforest meets a certain high quality standard, using clean code and general web development best practices. We believe it really is a great list of what to avoid and what to be careful of when you develop a WordPress theme and a website in general and Envato has done a great job in recruiting experienced authors and advisors in order to compile it.

How these guidelines affect CSSIgniter’s themes

They don’t. I’m honestly and shamelessly proud of the fact that every single theme of ours, be it in cssigniter.com or in the Themeforest marketplace, already meets every single item on Envato’s guideline list.

A year and a half ago, we embarked into the already overcrowded WordPress theme market with a very specific strategy comprised of two parts: The first part was to make our themes of as high quality as possible by following the best practices of our profession, practices that we’ve learned and tested over the years we’ve been building websites. The second (and most important part) was to keep our themes as simple as possible while not compromising their features and customizability. This is the exact reason why we don’t provide “endless color schemes” or “a billion shortcodes” and we’re really happy that it’s paying off and getting justified.

So, to end this little proud moment, big props to Envato for their new guidelines and we hope you never again see 800 lines of inline styles on your website again :)

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  1. Arafin Shaon says:

    Few good and stupid rules mentioned there :@ Don’t agree with all the rules…

  2. Saji John says:

    Yes, as Arafin mentioned some of them is good but some them is difficult rules, so it can’t be agree full

  3. hantaah says:

    So do you mean we can take your themes and after customising them, sell them on our own envato accounts as a theme?

    I really agree that you are focusing on offering best practaces for your customer, this is what will keep me as a customer of yours and keeping existing customers is better thsn gaining new and loosing existing ones I believe. And I also want to say that although you have kept things simple you have differed in that you have not compromised your designs. They really stand out and that is what got me here as a member.

    I’ve first day on my first theme of yours and hope to be here a lot longer.

    1. Vassilis Mastorostergios says:

      Thanks so much for the kind comments. It’s members like you that we work hard for to keep a perfect balance; it’s specially rewarding when your efforts are being appreciated.

      Secondly, the new rules don’t necessarily state the license in which the themes must be published, but to answer your question, yes, all our themes, both on Themeforest and here on our site are GPL licensed :)

  4. Malick says:

    Keep up the great job guys. I love your themes!

  5. Piter says:

    Great job guys it really good for theme. But i Don’t agree some point. theme forest is really hard to submit.

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