About “ME”

Me is a responsive vCard theme for WordPress for those who want a really simple – but powerful – “About me” page. It allows you to display your content mainly by using the two custom post types provided, “Portfolios” and “Experiences”. The above act as standard WordPress posts or pages but each of them has specific functionality which differentiate them from the former.

WordPress theme installation

The easiest way to install the theme, is by accessing your WordPress admin panel, then go to Appearance > Themes. Select the Install Themes tab and click the Upload link located just below the tab’s name. Click on Browse… and select the WordPress theme zip file you just downloaded. Then click the Install Now button, and after a few seconds, your new theme should be installed. Click activate and the theme is ready to use. In order to install the theme manually, or in case you have trouble installing it through the admin panel, you have to unzip the WordPress theme’s zip file on your computer, and upload via FTP the resulting theme folder into your WordPress installation themes folder (wp-content/themes). Then, from the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Themes. The theme should be available in your themes list. Click activate. After activation, you will be redirected to the CSSIgniter Settings panel (accessible from Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings) to start customizing your brand new theme.

Importing sample content

The easiest way to get started and find your way around using this theme, is by installing it into a fresh WordPress installation, and importing our sample content. To get it go to CSSIgniter settings > Site Options, scroll all the way down and click the Download sample content link. Extract the zip file you downloaded and upload the xml file in Tools > Import > WordPress (if not already present, you will be prompted to install the WordPress importer plugin), assing the authors to an existing user and make sure you check the “import attachments” box. You can now import the sample content. WARNING: As this will create posts, pages, custom post types, categories, widgets, etc. and change various system settings, it is strongly advised that you do this on a clean WordPress installation, without any previous and/or precious data. Under no circumstances we can be held responsible for total or partial data loss, so please be careful.

Setting up your theme

1) Creating theme pages

Let’s start by adding pages you are going to need. Me is a single page template so we only need to create two pages. Go to Pages > Add New and create the following pages:

  1. “Intro” this will serve as your introduction page, a small text about you and a featured image are best suited here.
  2. “Contact” (optional) if you need to have a contact form, create this page and paste in the contact form shortcode given to you by the Contact Form 7 plugin.

(TIP, all page titles serve as examples, you can name your pages according to your needs.)

2) Adding Portfolio items

To add a portfolio item go to Portfolios > New Portfolio. Add your work’s name as a title, upload a featured image and add the portfolio item to an existing skill or create a new skill for it from the Skills panel on the right, when done publish the item.

3) Adding Experiences

To add an experience item go to Experiences > New Experience. Add your work position’s name as a title, a small description in the text editor, fill in the job’s duration and the organization’s title in the Experience Details panel below and publish the item.

4) Completing the layout

Once your content is in you need to add the finishing touches to your page, this is done in the CSSIgniter settings panel. Go to Appearance > CSSIgniter settings > Display Options, in the second box down select the intro and contact pages you created earlier, on the drop down menus. In the box below you can set the title for each section of your page, finally in the last box you can create your skills table that will appear next to your work experience, read the instructions provided to learn how to use it.

The CSSIgniter settings panel

Last but not least, under Appearance > CSSIgniter settings, you can find our custom built settings panel. From here you can manipulate various aspects of your theme, including, but not limited to, changing your logo, setting a custom background, changing color scheme and applying custom styles via the custom CSS tab. All options feature a description so you instantly know their provided functionality.

Additional Information

Useful Plugins

  • Contact Form 7 use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in the contact page you created earlier.

Image Sizes

The recommended image sizes for the Me theme are:

  • Post thumbnail size: 280x190px
  • Thumbnail for intro section : 280x280px

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