Theme installation

In order to install the theme, upload the theme folder into your WordPress installation themes folder (wp-content/themes) and from the WordPress admin go to Appearance – Themes. The theme should be available in your themes list. Click activate.

IgniteApp is highly targeted to the use it is intended for, therefore hides several administration menu items that are of no particular use to this theme, out of the box. For example, posts, links and widgets are hidden by default. You can have them reappear from Appearance CSSIgniter Settings Site Options Hide admin menus that are not used in this theme.

Sample Content

IgniteApp comes with sample content to help you set up your website as fast as possible, while working as a visual guideline to help you find your way around. The sample content is created by default when first activating the theme. In case you don’t want it, you can delete it from Appearance CSSIgniter Settings Site Options Delete sample content. Please be warned that if you make changes on top the sample content and then delete it, these changes will also be deleted.

IgniteApp aims to be a simple and elegant theme, helping you to focus on promoting your mobile application. For this reason, no sidebars are available, and no custom CSSIgniter Widgets are included with this theme. In fact, the whole Widgets menu is hidden by default.

Tabs and Content

IgniteApp utilizes tabs to present your content. Each tab corresponds to a page you have previously created. In order to assign and manage the tabs, we have created one custom menu position named Tabs Menu. Once you create a menu from Appearance Menus containing pages only, and have assigned it to the Tabs Menu position, your tabs will magically appear in the correct order.

Image Slider

The image slider utilizes a custom post type, which can be found on your administrator screen, under the name Slide. When creating a new slide, you only need to enter a title (mostly for your own convenience) and set an image as the Featured Image of the post. The image, if larger, will be resized and cropped automatically to fit the size of the slider, which depends on your application’s platform. For reference, the iPhone images should be 320×480 pixels, while the Android images should be 324×516 pixels.

Settings Panel

Our custom options panel can be found under Appearance CSSIgniter Settings. Let’s have a look at each tab’s options:

Site Options

Within this tab you can set your site’s logo text and slogan or even upload your image logo. You can also select your favorite color scheme and set the separator of the title tag. You can also upload the favicon for your site, and it will be automatically registered on each page. Furthermore, there is an option to hide/show the admin menu items that are hidden by the theme, and buttons to create and/or delete sample content.

Application Options

From this tab you set the properties of the mobile application that you are actually promoting. The Heading and Description fields appear just below the logo. Selecting the Platform will change various images used on the theme, to reflect your selection. For example, if you select Android as your platform, the mobile device will change from an iPhone to an Android device, the icon next to the Buy button will say “Available on the Android Market”, etc.
Don’t forget to set your application’s link so the potential buyers will be properly redirected and finally buy your application. Of course, you can set you application’s price and more.

Slider Options

From this tab you can control various aspect of the image slider, such as the transition effect, delay, etc, but more importantly, you can select whether you want the slider to appear on the left or on the right of the page, effectively changing the layout of the website.

Background Options

Within the background options tab you can override the template’s background settings and set yours as needed. If don’t want that, just keep this tab disabled by checking the checkbox “Disable custom background”.

Google options

I don’t think this tab needs an explanation. Just copy paste your Google Analytics code as given by their website, and you are all set for tracking visits.

Additional information

Useful Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes you can use our custom made shortcode plugin to help you create a variety of layouts and elements on your site. Instructions can be found here.
  • Socials Ignited use this plugin to create a widget that links to all your social profiles. You can also customize it with your icons and add new social networks, a guide can be found here.
  • Contact Form 7 use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in the contact page you created earlier.

The recommended image sizes for the IgnigteApp theme are:

  • Thumbnail: 180x180px
  • iPhone Thumbnail: 320x480px
  • Android Thumbnail: 324x516px

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