Discontinued: PlusMag, Photographia

Wow, look at that! We’ve managed to expand our product catalogue from 4 themes when we started, to 70 themes in just a few short years.
Time moves forward however, and even WordPress themes show their age at some point.

So, it’s time to discontinue two of our themes, PlusMag (a magazine theme) and Photographia (a photoblog theme) and give way to new, more exciting themes.

The themes will no longer be available for purchase, however they will remain available to download by existing members until their End of Life date, the 9th of February, 2016. The last guaranteed compatible version of WordPress is v4.1

What does that mean?

While the themes are discontinued and before their End of Life date is reached (1 year from the discontinuation date) support will be limited to the version of WordPress that was current at the date of discontinuation. No new features will be added, and any third-party integrations that may stop working due to changes on their side, will not be fixed. Essentially, support will only be provided for theme-related bugs, applicable to the specified version of WordPress. Minor customization help will still be provided, subject to the additional restrictions stated above.

What should I do?

Users are urged to search for a new theme, and plan the switch within the discontinuation period.

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  1. David says:

    I think your themes are very good but perhaps there are too many opf them. As a result, a lot themes are not updated and stay with the same version forever. Why not gather all good ideas from many themes into fewer ones?

    1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

      Hi David,
      thank you for your feedback.

      One of the reasons that we’re discontinuing some of our themes, are exactly what you’re saying: to focus our efforts into newer, more flexible themes.

      But of course we can’t just drop our whole themes’ catalogue and start anew. So we go about it one theme at a time :)

      1. David says:

        hello Anastis, thanks for your reply. My theme of choice is Indigamer. Will it be updated or merged into a new , more global theme?

        1. Anastis Sourgoutsidis says:

          There are no current plans on discontinuing Indigamer.

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