Discontinued: Persephone

I am a bit saddened to announce that one of our very first four themes, Persephone, is now discontinued.

The theme will no longer be available for purchase, however it will remain available for download to existing members until its End of Life date, the 5th of December, 2015. The last guaranteed compatible version of WordPress is v4.0.1

What does that mean?

While the theme is discontinued and before the End of Life date is reached (1 year from the discontinuation date) support will be limited to the version of WordPress that was current at the date of discontinuation. No new features will be added, and any third-party integrations that may stop working due to changes on their side, will not be fixed. Essentially, support will only be provided for theme-related bugs, applicable to the specified version of WordPress. Minor customization help will still be provided, subject to the additional restrictions stated above.

What should I do?

Users are urged to search for a new theme, and plan the switch within the discontinuation period.

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