When the idea of selling premium WordPress themes knocked our door we couldn’t find a way to stand out of the crowd. The competition is crazy out there. Just have a look. Literally hundreds are now selling themes with amazing features. So with just building a few themes and promoting them we thought it would make us look like just another shop around. To be honest it didn’t make any sense like that. Where’s the “different” in all that? It took us 5 – 6 months to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Do you want to know in what areas? Keep reading.


You pay once per year and you get all of our themes. Simple, isn’t? Yes, yes, others did the same thing before us but have you checked our price? $79. A decent mouse costs more than that. And again, yes, others provide this price scheme and their themes cost less. Hm, hold on a second, do they really cost less? Go check their licensing schemes and come back. Good guess, they are not.


Our themes are licensed under the GNU general public license. Use it, abuse it, modify it and again. Needless to say that we retain ownership over the aesthetics which just means you can’t resell them. We guess if you create something completely different you could do that as well. You can use the themes as many times as you like. On personal projects, on client projects, everywhere. Next year, we will be still asking for the same amount. $79. So we can easily say our license scheme is a bit different from what you find out there.


What you pay is what you get, some people say. The WordPress world have a different opinion on that. Look around. You pay under $100 in most cases and you get a gazillion features. While this seems to be working for most of the theme providers out there, we decided to take another approach. First of all, you won’t find that fancy “framework” word around here. There are already some top notch frameworks out there so if that’s what you are looking for i guess it’s time to say goodbye.

Every theme that makes it in our catalog grows independently. For example, we are not going to update all of our themes automatically. The user interface of our custom options panel will be consistent across all themes but that doesn’t mean they have to share the same features. Each of our themes is here to provide a solution to a problem. It’s already a generic solution though. You buy a theme, could it be more generic? So unlike the competition we are trying in every theme to include a set of options specifically for the problem that theme is trying to solve. In other words, different (but efficient we think).

WordPress is the platform of our choice. We have integrated into WordPress more than 250 projects. It solves our problems perfectly. This doesn’t mean WordPress covers every case out there. And the idea of including plain xhtml and html5 versions of our themes in the zip files was born. This idea brought another one. To convert the actual WordPress theme into html5. And we did it. Every theme comes in 4 different versions. Static / WordPress  xhtml – static / WordPress html5. Not to mention that you get a newsletter template in plain html and a Campaign Monitor version. Isn’t that different? Yes. It is. All that (again) for $79.

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  1. Pantso says:

    Grats !!!

    Hope everything goes as you wish !!!
    Awesome themes by the way

    Great job

    1. Gerasimos says:

      Thank you Panos :) We hope people will find them useful.

  2. Thanos says:

    Seems that you have everything here.
    With $79 i get a newsletter template, a xhtml/html5 sliced template and a wordpress theme with your custom option panel ( which rocks btw ) and 4 themes.
    You know what makes it even better? Well, it’s not the promise of 2 new themes every month(that’s more than 20 themes!)
    It’s that your themes are build in a way that can be used as frameworks too. The code is simple to follow, very well organized and you just don’t afraid that something will break, somehow.

    Nicely done m8. I think we’re stealing you, but oh well, you know better :P

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