CSSIgniter roadmap

Hey everyone,

It took us a while to get things straight but now it seems that we have a solid plan in our hands. So here’s what to expect from cssigniter during the following couple of months.

New subscription scheme

We provide our themes for one fixed price per year and this is how we will move on. Thing is the price will be a bit different (it will blow your mind actually) but with a few changes in our core product. Now every theme is available in 4 different flavors. WordPress versions in both xhtml and html5, plus static xhtml and html5 versions of our themes so you can use them in the CMS of your choice. Also, let’s not forget about the newsletter templates available with every theme.

While this sounds like a great deal, after collecting feedback from the community we think that we should really concentrate on the actual development of one version per theme and not 4. Still, the way we develop our themes (design them in Photoshop, slice them to html/css, integrate them to WordPress, apply custom options where needed) will give us the option to provide a static html version of our themes. So from now on, all of our themes will be available in 2 formats: HTML5 WordPress & Plain HTML5. Our current themes won’t be affected by this change.

New themes

Some really cool themes are on their way. Next theme to come is “IgniterApp“. A theme for those who develop mobile applications and they want a website to support / promote their product. From there we move to “Lucullan” a theme dedicated to bar / restaurant owners. According to our plan these 2 themes will be available in mid September. “Aphrodite” is next, a really beautiful portfolio / business theme and our last theme currently being developed is “Dionysus“, a WordPress theme for DJs, singers, bands and everyone in the music industry. Sneak peek? Sure.




So yeah, stay tuned while we prepare the themes and also let us know if there’s something else that you would like to see in our themes catalogue.

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