Coming soon: Ithaca – A gaming news and reviews theme

As we said before, our target is to release 2 themes every month. We already have enough (rough) designs to discuss so i guess this is not the tough part. Today Sophocles got in out catalog and one more theme will be released by the end of October. That theme is Ithaca. A gaming news and reviews theme for WordPress. While Ithaca is still in the design phase, i thought i should let you know about it and also provide a homepage preview.

There it is then:

So what do you think? As we are still  in the design phase, feel free to provide ideas, features or whatever comes to your mind and think it will make Ithaca a better theme!

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  1. Basilakis says:

    It is a WOW theme! :)

    I think it can produce some pro web sites, if you edit it a bit!

  2. Gerasimos says:

    Thank you people. Let’s see how it goes then :)

  3. AJ says:

    Looks good. Where did you get the background image? I have always wondered how people get the rights to distribute these images…is it stock or a screen-shot?

    Anyway, the theme looks pretty good. But I’m thinking it would look good with some “noise”. Maybe on the black background behind the main element.

    1. Gerasimos says:

      Well we used those just for the preview, so yeah, we didn’t ask. I guess though no one is going to have a major problem about it :)

  4. MrKita says:

    This is an awesome theme!!I hope I can have almost the same too…I like the color and the overall feature…

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