Coming soon: Artemis – A product / business theme for WordPress

Yesterday we released Ithaca, a gaming (and not only if you wish) review theme for WordPress. It seems that people loved it but as we have promised every month we are going to deliver 2 themes. For November we start with Artemis, a product / business theme for WordPress.

Here’s a homepage preview:


And don’t forget. After Artemis we are heading for our 8th theme which is going to be a free theme. A theme that will be built by us with your help. We will discuss the details on the next post though and by then, have fun using Ithaca while we have fun building Artemis!

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  1. Ahmad says:

    Looks charming let see how it will look live :-)

  2. SiteEditor says:

    Perfect, very elegance and clean theme. Thanks CSSigniter :)

  3. MrKita says:

    Great theme, simple but elegant looking. Nice job, keep it up.

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