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1.2.3 - March 25, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.6.2 — 6.0.1

List of changes between lense v1.2.2 and v1.2.3

* FIXED: The "Semibold" font weight label would display 500 as the font weight number instead of the correct 600.
  M inc/class-fonts-list.php

* CHANGED: Assets are now versioned using a compound version string based on the parent and child themes' versions, when a child theme is enabled. This helps prevent caching issues, where the version reported was remaining constant (i.e. the child theme's version) even when the parent theme was updated.
  M functions.php

* FIXED: Conditional metaboxes wouldn't work in WP 5.7
  M plugins/lense-plugin/base/post-meta.php
  M plugins/lense-plugin/custom-fields-page.php

* CHANGED: Plugin version to 1.0.2
* CHANGED: Theme version to 1.2.3
  M functions.php
  M languages/lense.pot
  M plugins/lense-plugin/lense-plugin.php
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M style.scss

1.2.2 - February 7, 2020

Compatibility: WordPress 5.3.1+

List of changes between lense v1.2.1 (rev. 27983) and v1.2.2 (rev. 28577)

* REMOVED: Compatibility code for wp_body_open() in WordPress versions older than v5.2
  M base/default-hooks.php

* FIXED: Improved logo/heading markup
  M base/template-tags.php
  M css/inc/_header.scss
  M css/inc/_modules.scss
  M functions.php
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M template-parts/article-none.php

* CHANGED: Theme version to 1.2.2
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M style.scss

1.2.1 - December 2, 2019

Compatibility: WordPress 5.3+

List of changes between lense v1.2 (rev. 23816) and v1.2.1 (rev. 27983)

* FIXED: Metaboxes bound to specific post formats (if any), wouldn't appear on initial page load inside the new block editor.
  M plugins/ci-theme-plugin/base/post-meta.php

* FIXED: A change event is now triggered when a repeating field item is removed.
  M base/assets/js/repeating-fields.js

* FIXED: A bug would cause ci_theme_hex2rgba() to return rgb() instead of rgba() values, when passed a valid opacity number.
  M base/functions.php

* ADDED: Call to wp_body_open() (since WP v5.2)
* ADDED: Conditionally declare wp_body_open() if it doesn't exist, for back-compat with earlier WP versions (pre v5.2)
  M base/default-hooks.php
  M header.php

* REMOVED: Google+ Social Icon
* ADDED: Telegram Social Icon
  M base/functions.php

* FIXED: Force term recount after import.
  M functions.php

* FIXED: Widgets would throw a notice when used from a builder (such as Elementor) where a widget area ID is not defined.
  M base/widgets/contact.php
  M base/widgets/latest-post-type.php
  M base/widgets/schedule.php

* ADDED: Advanced typography controls.
* REMOVED: "Lowercase widget titles" and "Lowercase all uppercased content" customizer options. Their values have now been migrated into the new typography controls.
  D base/assets/css/customizer-preview.css
  A base/class-ci-theme-customizer-css-generator.php
  A base/customizer/generated-styles
  A base/customizer/generated-styles/global.php
  A base/customizer/preview
  A base/customizer/preview/global.js
  A base/customizer/preview/preview.css
  A base/customizer/preview/preview.js
  A base/customizer/preview/preview.min.css
  A base/customizer/preview/preview.scss
  A base/customizer/sections
  A base/customizer/sections/site-identity.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-archive-options.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-footer.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-global.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-header-top-bar.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-hero.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-primary-menu-bar.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-colors-sidebar.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-footer-bottom-bar.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-footer-style.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-header-primary-menu.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-header-style.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-header-top-bar.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-other-sample-content.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-post-options.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-social.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-titles-general.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-titles-post.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-typography-content.php
  A base/customizer/sections/theme-typography-widgets.php
  D base/customizer/site-identity.php
  D base/customizer/theme-archive-options.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-footer.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-global.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-header-top-bar.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-hero.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-primary-menu-bar.php
  D base/customizer/theme-colors-sidebar.php
  D base/customizer/theme-footer-bottom-bar.php
  D base/customizer/theme-footer-style.php
  D base/customizer/theme-header-primary-menu.php
  D base/customizer/theme-header-style.php
  D base/customizer/theme-header-top-bar.php
  D base/customizer/theme-other-sample-content.php
  D base/customizer/theme-post-options.php
  D base/customizer/theme-social.php
  D base/customizer/theme-titles-general.php
  D base/customizer/theme-titles-post.php
  D base/customizer/theme-typography-content.php
  D base/customizer/theme-typography-widgets.php
  A base/customizer-controls/style.css
  A base/customizer-controls/style.min.css
  A base/customizer-controls/style.scss
  A base/customizer-controls/typography
  A base/customizer-controls/typography/_style.scss
  A base/customizer-controls/typography/customizer.js
  A base/customizer-controls/typography/typography.php
  M base/customizer-partial-callbacks.php
  M base/customizer-styles.php
  M base/customizer.php
  M base/functions.php
  A base/generated-styles.php
  M base/sanitization.php
  A css/typography-default.css
  A css/typography-default.min.css
  A css/typography-default.scss
  A css/typography-gfont.css
  A css/typography-gfont.min.css
  A css/typography-gfont.scss
  M functions.php
  M ignitefile.js
  A inc/class-fonts-list.php
  M inc/customizer-styles.php
  M inc/customizer.php
  A inc/fonts.json
  M js/admin/customizer-preview.js

* ADDED: Some minified stylesheets
  A base/customizer-controls/alpha-color-picker/alpha-color-picker.min.css
  A css/base.min.css
  M css/inc/_ci-base.scss
  M css/inc/_header.scss
  M css/inc/_variables.scss
  A css/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.css

* FIXED: Removed leftover live preview rules.
  M base/assets/js/customizer-preview.js

* UPDATED: Language files
* CHANGED: Theme version to 1.2.1
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M style.scss

1.2 - December 7, 2018

Compatibility: WordPress 4.9+

List of changes between lense v1.1 (rev. 20488) and v1.2 (rev. 23816)

* ADDED: Lightbox captions.
  M base/assets/js/magnific-init.js

* FIXED: Customizer's alpha color picker display issue.
  M base/customizer-controls/alpha-color-picker/alpha-color-picker.php

* ADDED: Add styles for Gutenberg
  A common
  A common/common.php
  A common/css
  A common/css/global.css
  A common/css/global.scss
  A common/css/inc
  A common/css/inc/_gutenberg.scss
  M functions.php

* FIXED: Page template-bound metaboxes, wouldn't behave correctly in Gutenberg mode (where applicable).
  M plugins/ci-theme-plugin/base/post-meta.php

* FIXED: Post format-bound metaboxes (where applicable) now work properly with Gutenberg.
  M plugins/ci-theme-plugin/base/post-meta.php

* CHANGED: "Hide featured image" checkbox that appeared in posts/pages/custom post types (where applicable), now appears as its own metabox, to maintain compatibility with Gutenberg.
  M base/functions.php

* FIXED: Admin notice regarding the sample content, wouldn't persist its state when dismissed from within the block editor.
  M base/assets/js/sample-content.js
  M base/default-hooks.php

* Updated language files.
* Changed plugin version to 1.0.1
* Changed theme version to 1.2
  M css/base.css
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M plugins/ci-theme-plugin/ci-theme-plugin.php
  M plugins/ci-theme-plugin/languages/ci-theme-plugin.pot
  M style.css
  M style.scss

1.1 - December 7, 2017

Compatibility: WordPress 4.8+

List of changes between lense v1.0 (rev. 19609) and v1.1 (rev. 20488)

* FIXED: WordPress 4.9 by default calls wpautop() on author descriptions.
  M functions.php
  M template-parts/authorbox.php

* FIXED: Gallery will not appear on gallery page if the page is password protected
  M templates/gallery-page.php

* changed version to 1.1
  M css/base.css
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M style.css
  M style.scss

1.0 - September 26, 2017

Compatibility: WordPress 4.7+

Initial release

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