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When it comes to the world of hosting, there are literally hundreds of options set before you. After browsing through company after company, you may start to think that HOST A doesn’t sound that different from HOST B, so you end up picking the one with the lowest price and hope for the best.

Sound familiar?

We like to keep things simple around here at CSSIgniter, and we also like to follow Automattic’s lead – the company who created the very WordPress software we all know and love by sharing with you the company they recommend.

Enter Bluehost

Bluehost is a web host that focuses exclusively on shared hosting and does an absolutely amazing job at it (which you’ll learn about in a minute). If your not familiar, the quick summary of shared hosting is that for a reduced price, you “share” space on a server with other hosting clients. This not only drastically reduces your monthly cost – some plans can be around $5/month – it is also the perfect solution for about 99% of website owners out there.

A good general rule of thumb is that if your site gets less than 1000 visitors a day, shared hosting will most likely be all that you need! Since this applies to the vast majority of our visitors and members, let us prove to you why Bluehost is the absolute best shared host.

While there are several reasons we love Bluehost, here are a few of our favorites:

Own Datacenters

Instead of being a reseller of other companies hosting products, Bluehost invested in building their own 20,000 sq ft. data center with their own custom servers. Each and every server is built from the ground up to be optimized for performance, speed, and reliability.

Focus on WordPress

Like us, Bluehost is fanatical about WordPress. Aside from being recommended by since 2005, their simple one click install makes getting started with WordPress a breeze. If you like to manually install WordPress yourself, you have that option as well.

Free Domain

With your Bluehost hosting account you can get a FREE domain included. This can save you anywhere from $10-$20/year and is a wonderful bonus to provide. Add to that things like a $100 Google Adwords credit and other helpful extras, and you’ve got superior hosting AND money saving bonuses!

US-Based Support

If you could join a hosting company that already had this much going for it AND they provided stellar customer support, what would that be worth to you? How does an average hold time of 30 seconds sound for phone support? And how does live chat and lightning fast email responses work for you? Bluehost’s helpful support staff is both quick to answer your questions and available to help 24/7.

If you are looking for a great hosting partner for your site or blog, Bluehost is your company. We’ve worked out a deal with them exclusively for CSSIgniter to get pricing as low as $4.95/month. See why over 20,000 new customers a month chose Bluehost and get started with them today!

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  1. Noman says:

    I like bluehost hosting :) they offers cheap wp hosting.i will try their service asap

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