Better Call Slack is now available

We love Slack. It’s the place where every single discussion takes place around here. New theme/plugin features, bugs, roadmaps, tasks, the works. We also have to keep an eye on 2 WordPress multisites (our demos) for plugin or WordPress core updates and we thought it’d be cool to let WordPress call Slack whenever something important happens in these site. Better Call Slack, a free WordPress plugin was born.

Available Notifications

WordPress core notifications

  • Core upgrade available


  • When a new user registers.
  • When a user logs in.
  • When a user is deleted.
  • When a user’s role is changed.


  • When the active theme is changed.
  • When a theme update is available.


  • When a plugin is activated.
  • When a plugin is deactivated.
  • When a plugin update is available.


  • When the status of a post has changed.


    • When a comment is added to the database.
    • When a comment’s status changes.

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